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Innovation in education: a pioneering spirit

Innovation in education has always been one of our school’s strengths. 

Upon our creation in 1984, we became one of the first schools to launch a double degree program for engineering and management. We are the first management school to offer our students differentiated educational methods that enable them to pick and choose numerous aspects of their education: modules according to their aspirations and those of businesses, types of classes and learning, a diverse set of specializations, and the freedom to discover various fields of study or explore one in-depth.

This pioneering model has often been copied and encourages us to continuously test and launch new innovations in education: live business cases, serious games, multidisciplinary double degrees, transcontinental track, skill certificates, student satisfaction surveys, geopolitics for management…

The end result can be seen today in our new educational model: the GEM Learning Model. To enable the GEM Learning Model, we created immersive learning platforms and provided training and support for teachers to integrate innovation in education. This effort now goes a step further by awarding specific certificates that recognize the best initiatives every two years thanks to a prize for innovation in education and a prize for innovative educational resources.

GEM Learning Model: training INSIDE graduates

GEM's new learning model is built around two ambitions: to give meaning to learning and to encourage real-life experiences that reinforce an INSIDE graduate's character (INSIDE: an inspired, innovative, socially engaged leader and entrepreneur).
The unique GEM Learning Model is built around reflexivity, creativity and transversality.

Experienced based learning

To ensure students can fully integrate classroom knowledge and transform it into applicable skills, our educational approach encourages hands-on learning. Through this approach, students are able to simulate various situations and experiment with concepts they learn in class. They work on group projects in order to solve concrete challenges.

Giving meaning to learning

Students are regularly invited to review the many experiences they have had during their studies: classes, student association projects, internships, international experiences… This review enables them to consider and analyze their experiences in order to develop awareness about the skills and knowledge they have acquired and those which must still be integrated. This encourages students to be active, engaged participants in their learning experience.

Learning through experimentation

Because learning through experimentation is a real advantage that facilitates a student's growth, we offer many new learning experiences: serious games, a connected shop, meditation, project management… As a result, students can stimulate all of their potential for innovation and creativity while reinforcing their digital culture.

Developing an overall vision of challenges to come

With complexe projects and real-life learning experiences, students can give meaning to their classroom materials and prepare themselves for professional life. This ensures students are able to implement their projects and handle any evolutions society might throw at them.

Updated on 04 June 2020 at 10h33 am