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Innovation in Education

Grenoble Ecole de Management has positioned itself as a business lab for society. For over 30 years now, the School tests innovative educational methods before integrating them across its programs.

From Differentiated Pedagogy to the GEM Learning Model

The School has placed innovative teaching at the heart of its activities with Differentiated Pedagogy as its figurehead. Differentiated Pedagogy is based on the belief that there is a double heterogeneity: the needs of the corporate world, on the one hand, and students’ aspirations and profiles, on the other. Its principle: To diversify, on a large scale, training methods (online, offline, synchronous or asynchronous learning options), atypical training tracks (in and out of the classroom models, in France or abroad), and the level of expertise in each discipline (management or interdisciplinary, specialization or double degree).

Based on this pioneering model, often copied by others, GEM tested and launched numerous groundbreaking educational innovations. In 1984, the School launched its double degree in Engineering & Management with its partner, Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP), a rare move at the time.
The revolution continued with the launch of the student association project track, the entrepreneurship track, live business cases, serious games, interdisciplinary double degrees, transcontinental programs, Certificates, student satisfaction evaluation methods, training in geopolitics…

To mark its 30th Anniversary, the School went a step further by creating the GEM Learning Model.

To implement the GEM Learning Model, the School

  • has set up dedicated areas for active learning and thus develops its own educational measures to offer students an immersive learning experience.
  • equipped itself with a Playground to design serious games and training in using them efficiently.
  • has established an EdTech Factory to identify, analyze and experiment with new technologies in the interest of education.
  • trains and supports its faculty body in pedagogical innovation. The School offers specialized Certificates and highlights, during a special event every two years, the best measures when handing out both the Pedagogical Innovation Prize, and the Innovative Pedagogical Resource Prize.
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