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How to Publish ?

What if we compared publishing a book to a journey?

From the idea to the manuscript and the choice of a publisher, to finally coming to the publication itself, the journey might not only be thrilling but also long and complicated. It is a very interesting and complex subject, indeed, but to simplify the task, we would like to offer you a short guide .

How to publish guide

Publishing can be separated into two parts : scientific publishing and all the other publishing for a non-scientific audience. As a young researcher, publishing scientific articles, or even professional articles, is an important part of a professional career. In fact, it contributes to the science and to the evolution of the ideas and the theories of a field. Not only will it convey more visibility to the institution that delivered the diploma or the institution where the author works but also will enhance the author’s reputation.

As a professional, publishing can have a specific place in a career. Indeed, amongst all the positive aspects of trade publishing, a trade book will be available to a larger audience than any scientific production. So, a trade book will represent the opportunity to directly talk to every single person that would be interested in this area—not only academicians. What’s more, publishing a book will also enhance the author’s reputation and establish the author’s authority, and it may generate income for a long period of time.

Aïna Olagnon – Dieter Schmidt library of Grenoble Ecole de Management

Updated on 23 April 2018 at 1h26 pm