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Highlighting your Company Values through Action

The "Team GO Sport" was launched last January with the goal of supporting and encouraging confirmed and up and coming high-level athletes. Thanks to support for students, employees and disabled persons, this social commitment reinforces the group's employer branding, especially for Grenoble Ecole de Management students.

The project was launched with the goal of helping athletes succeed at their passion. To do so, the group has organized the project to focus support on students, employees and disabled persons. "Through this action, the group is able to reaffirm its commitment to sports, much as it has been committed to its clients over the past 35 years. It's a project that coincidences with our knowledge and experience." explains Jeanne-Elise Rossi, in charge of communication and the mission for disabled athletes.

Reinforcing employer branding

The best way to promote employer branding is to communicate directly with students who are potential recruits. As a result, the "Team GO Sport" awarded three scholarships to high-level athletes, allowing them to finance all or part of their studies. The first laureates were Jessica Millet-Gouchoe (European ski-cross vice-champion), and Patrick Périsser (vice-champion of the 200 meter breaststroke in France), both of whom are students at Grenoble Ecole de Management in the Grande Ecole Program for high-level athletes, and Valentin Prades (world champion of the modern pentathlon relay). Two more scholarships will soon be awarded to students athletes.

An internal HR tool

The "Team GO Sport" will also include employee athletes who compete at national and international levels. Support for these members will include material aid for their equipment, flexible scheduling to help them practice their sport and personalized coaching to help them in their professional development after their athletic careers wind down.

The importance of social engagements

GO Sport has been committed to the cause of disabled athletes for the past ten years through its partnership with the French Federation for para-sports and the association Special Olympics, which promotes sports for mentally disabled persons. The "Team GO Sport" supports para-athletes such as Charlotte Famin, the top French disabled tennis player. The champion will participate, for example, in competitions with GO Sports employees. "It's really about changing people's views on disabilities." highlights Jeanne-Elise Rossi.

The athletes are all selected on an application basis according to commitment and performance criteria. Thanks to their expertise, these athletes will provide other teams in the group with advice and also give feedback on product tests.

Updated on 19 March 2015 at 10h27 am