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Resto' U

The Restos’U are run by CROUS and all of our students are eligible to go. In the restaurants, you can buy a three course meal for 3 €. You can buy meal tickets in the restaurants at midday or you can buy them at the CROUS “agence comptable”, 5 rue d’Arsonval on the 3rd floor, open from 1 to 4 PM. The cafeterias have their own method of payment. Apart from Restaurant Diderot, all of the restos’U are closed during July and August. Restaurant Condillac is the only one which is open at the weekends.

Minatec, 61 rue Esclangon

Cafétéria MINATEC, 11h to 14h, Monday to Friday Restaurant MINATEC, 11h30 to 13h30, Monday to Friday

Le Home des étudiants, 2 rue General Champon

Restaurant Le Home des Etudiants, 11h30 to 13h30, Monday to Friday
Cafétéria Le Home des Etudiants, 8h to 9h and 11h30 to 14h, Monday to Friday, 18h30 to 19h50, Monday to Thursday

Résidence Rabot, Rue Maurice Gignoux, Grenoble

Cafétéria Rabot, 11h45 to 13h45, Monday to Friday, 19h to 21h, Monday to Friday.

Diderot, Rue des Universités, University Campus, St Martin d’Hères

Open in July and August
Restaurant Diderot, 11.30 to 13h15, Monday to Friday, 18h30 to 19h50, Monday to Thursday

Résidence Olympique, Ave. Edmond Esmonin

Cafétéria Olympique, 7h10 to 13h30, Monday to Thursday, 7h10 to 13h, Friday

Arsonval, 5 rue d’Arsonval, Grenoble

Snack d’Arsonval, 11h20 to 13h40, Monday to Friday
Cafétéria d’Arsonval, 11h20 to 13h45, Monday to Friday Restaurant d’Arsonval, 11h20 to 13h40, Monday to Friday and 18h30 to 19h45, Monday to Thursday

Minatec Nord, 23 rue des martyrs

Condillac, 1220 rue des residences, St Martin d’Hères

Condillac, 1220 rue des residences, St Martin d’Hères

Open at the weekends Cafétéria Condillac, 7h to 14h, Monday to Sunday Restaurant Condillac, 11h30 to 13h30, Monday to Sunday, 18h30 to 19h45, Friday to Sunday

Students’ favourite restaurants

  • Restaurant Hokkaido, Japanese sushi restaurant
  • Le Mézzé, Lebanese restaurant
  • Dar El Shisha, Shisha and oriental drinks
  • Le Cintra pub, Irish pub
  • La Peña Andaluza, Spanish Cuisine
  • El Sombrero, Mexican Cuisine
  • Restaurant Le Petit Marmiton, French Cuisine
  • Greg & Jerry's, American fast food

Evening out

  • L’Auberge Napoléon, «One of the best restaurants in Grenoble area»
  • Le Petit Paris, «Elegant and intimate surrounding»
  • L’Escalier, «Pleasant dining experience, fine French cuisine»
  • Amarcord, «»A highly refined innovative culinary experience….»
  • Chez le Pèr’Gras, «Regional cuisine»
  • La Fondue, «All kinds of fondues: »
  • Le Cèdre, «A place of discovery, excellent Libanese cuisine »

In Paris

    Bocamexa, mexican food.
    127 rue Mouffetard - 75005 Paris
    *The owner is a GGSB Alumni

Lunch time spots

  • La City, «Lively brasserie not far from the school»
  • La Frise, «Lunch and an exhibition at the same time! »
  • Le Comptoir de l’Amarcord, «French Brasserie Chic»
  • Indira Gandhi, Indian restaurant
  • Le Yassou, «Again, easy to guess, a Greek speciality restaurant »
  • Le Saint Christophe
  • Le Bistrot Lyonnais, «Specialties from Lyon and French cuisine in a typical ambiance»

Weekend suggestions

  • Les Archers, «French Brasserie»
  • Le Mandala, «A small intimate restaurant with typically Mediterranean dishes»
  • The China Town; «Try the Nems or the vapor cooked specialties as an appetizer instead»
  • La maison de l’Entrecôte, «French version of a steak house.»

All restaurants


  • London Pub : «Students -don’t miss this! - an Anglo-Saxon atmosphere»
  • Loco mosquito : «High spirits and salsa music»
  • Tord Boyaux : «A range of flavored wines»
  • Barberousse : «Grenoble’s mystical bar, a pirate’s den»
  • O’Callaghan : «Grenoble’s typical Irish pub»
  • Bar Mc2 : «Electro atmosphere every Saturday evening, entrance free on Fridays»
  • Bukana Pub : «Unique decor, a crazy atmosphere»

More bars

Night Clubs

  • le Vieux Manoir : «THE night club in Grenoble’s city center»
  • le Vertigo : «A bar, a restaurant and a disco - trendy decoration»
  • l’Ambiance Café : «Welcoming, you can enjoy very international encounters»

More Night clubs

Concert halls

  • le Summum : «A venue with over 5000 places»
  • EVE : «The Student Life group on the campus organizes concerts and parties every week.»
  • l’Adaep : «Sound system  parties, live DJS and concerts»

More concert halls


The GGSB Gala is an annual event organised by the International Student Services

This year was a huge success and we were pleased to enjoy this moment with students, teachers and staff attending the Gala at the school, on Friday, 24 March 2012.

Considering the number of people present this is obviously an important event for the students and graduates and we look forward to next year's Gala which will take place on March 2013 . More details  soon.

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