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Grenoble Student Integration Services

International students coming to our Grenoble Campus

The International Student Integration Service “ISI Service” in Grenoble will guide you with information and tips to help you settle down in France. In the meantime, we recommend that you consult important information to get organised before starting your studies at GEM.

We are getting ready for you

  • After you have confirmed your participation in our programs*, from April onwards (first semester/academic year enrolments) or from November onwards (second semester enrolments), you will be contacted by the International Student Integration Service “ISI Service” with the information necessary to organize your accommodation, including access to the school housing platform, and other administrative formalities.

    To ensure you receive all the latest information from the GEM ISI Service, please add mail to your email contact preferences and check your spam inbox.

    In the meantime, we recommend that you consult the GEM ISI guide in order to prepare for the administrative formalities you will need to take of before starting your studies at GEM.

    *A mailing campaign will be scheduled for new students from BIB, MIM, MIB, MSc**, MBA and exchange programs.
    **MSc: MSc Business Development, MSc Entrepreneurship & Global Marketing, MSc Fashion, Design and Luxury Management, MSc Finance, MSc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, MSc International Human Resource Management in the Digital Age and MSc Marketing Management.
    International students from other programs will received instructions directly from admissions or their program coordinator.
  • The aim of “Before your Arrival” guide is to help you understand and prepare the practical side of the adventure you are about to begin. It should answer most of your questions concerning the administrative steps you should organize before your departure and anticipate those you will need to fulfil upon your arrival to settle down in Grenoble. These arrangements are under your responsibility, so please take the time to read this guide.

    Before your arrival guide

Get familiar with the steps to take before your departure

  • The school proposes a housing platform to provide support with your accommodation search in Grenoble and Paris. The platform is managed by Studapart.
    In addition to the Studapart housing platform. We will share with you the contact details of a relocation services company, ideal for a personalized service, minors or late comers.

  • The Welcome Sessions are organised by the International Student Integration Service “ISI Service” following the mailing campaign. On-campus Welcome Sessions will be organized before the induction week. The aim of the sessions is to give you an overview of the next steps to follow within French Administration on arrival and allow you to get familiar with the practical side of your new environment. You will receive further details about registration and the event calendar during the ISI mailing campaign.


    International students first impressions at GEM

    International students share their experience after 6 months in Grenoble

    A future graduate shares his experience after 3 years at GEM

  • «GEM, the first French business school to become a mission school, is based in the innovative city of Grenoble.  Some of the stakeholders of this ecosystem, in relation with GEM, are giving their view of what Grenoble has to offer:

    • an exceptional geographical environment.
    • a cradle of technological innovation in Europe
    • a model of transition concerning the ecological emergency

    Discover their vision of this unique ecosystem of which GEM is a gateway for international students. »

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