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Grenoble Business Review Edition 10

This month's top story

User Communities: A New Source of Innovation for Companies

The link between product use and innovation continues to grow. Whereas technology was previously the main source of innovation, companies are now capitalizing on user communities for new ideas. This evolution has shown great potential as long as companies respect several guidelines.
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Highlighting your Company Values through Action

Companies have many tools at their disposal to shine a light on their company values. GO Sport, a French sports store chain, highlights its commitment to company values through actions to support high-level athletes.
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Financial Manager Morale: the Impact on Company Investments

The Finance and Administration Director (FAD) coordinates and guides an organization's investment policy. How does the FAD's perception of business climate affect a company's evolution and growth?
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Four Good Reasons to Delegate a Mission to Students

Companies can benefit from an outside perspective by allowing students to work on an issue for the company. Why and how should companies successfully partake in this experience?
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Updated on 18 March 2015 at 3h09 pm