Globalization forces us to consider geopolitics. Companies, politicians, military strategists and geographers all rely on geopolitics to further develop their field and move forward.

Since 2007, the school has made geopolitics a cornerstone of its strategy and educational program. Understanding geopolitical stakes and situations has become a key ability for managers and companies. As students grow and learn in a multi-faceted world that is both digitally connected and complex, they must understand how to act quickly and responsibly in order to respond to unexpected situations.

Dedicated Courses

Geopolitics is now part of the Grande Ecole Program's core curriculum. This includes required courses for first and third year students as well as optional courses for second and third year students.

For students seeking to learn more about geopolitics, it is possible to partake in specialized programs that lead to double degrees with eminent partners:

  • IRIS (Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques):
    • Defense, Security and Crisis Management program
    • Geoeconomics and Strategic Intelligence program
    • Geopolitics and Prospects program
  • Bioforce Institute:
    • Humanitarian Management program
    • MSc in Humanitarian Management
  • EISTI: Advanced Master's in Strategic Analysis and Economic Intelligence

A Major Event: The Geopolitics Festival

Since its launch in 2009, every edition of the Grenoble Geopolitics Festival aims to explore and encourage discussion on a particular theme in geopolitics. Every year, Grenoble Ecole de Management works with prestigious partners to host more than a hundred conferences and round table discussions led by French and foreign experts in geopolitics and international relations. The festival also includes films and thematic workshops (simulated financial crises, exhibits, games, concerts, etc.).

Thanks to the wide variety of perspectives and participation, the event fosters debate on many topics. It is designed to welcome students, teachers and the general public, including companies and associations. Participation is free for all.
The ninth edition will take place from March 8th to 12th, 2017. This year's theme will be the Power of Cities.

More about Geopolitics Festival

Geopolitics And Higher Education

When faced with the challenges of a globalized world, companies need geopolitical skills and knowledge to help them define and set the appropriate course. As a result, Grenoble Ecole de Management and have collaborated since 2010 to manage a Facebook page dedicated to this subject. The page provides numerous resources, documentaries, news and anything else lovers of geopolitics might need to learn about and follow world developments.


Entretien avec Katia Zhuk sur la Biélorussie

« Pays à part dans le Partenariat oriental, la Biélorussie pourrait ouvrir, dans le contexte de la crise ukrainienne, une nouvelle page dans ses relations avec l'Union européenne. » - entretien avec Katia Zhuk, professeur affilié à Grenoble Ecole de Management

Gagnant de prix du meilleur ouvrage de géopolitique 2015

L'Afrique est-elle si bien partie ?
de Sylvie Brunel,  Ed. Sciences humaines plus couverture

Gagnant du prix du meilleur premier ouvrage géopolitique 2015

L'Etat Islamique, anatomie du nouveau califat
d’Olivier Hanne et Thomas Flichy, Editeur Bernard Giovanangelix plus couverture

Autres ouvrages

Contribution à l’Année stratégique
édité par l’IRIS

Basculement économique & géopolitique du monde,
sous la direction de Mohammed Matmati – L’Harmattan

Manifeste pour une éducation à la paix économique - édition PUG - 2012
Sous la direction de Raffi Duymedjan et Jean-Marc Huissoud. Préface Loïck Roche

Dictionnaire de géopolitique et de géoéconomie - édition PUF - 2011 sous la direction de Pascal Gauchon coordonné par Sylvie Delannoy et Jean-Marc Huissoud

Rapport 2011 sur le travail forcé des enfants en Ouzbékistan

Les Grandes Puissances du XXI° siècle,
Jean-Marc Huissoud, professeur de géopolitique à l’ESC Grenoble Anteios / PUF, et Pascal Gauchon, enseignant à Ipésup et Prépasup, directeur et auteur de la collection Major.
Presses Universitaires de France.

Les 100 mots de la géopolitique,
Jean-Marc Huissoud & Pascal Gauchon.
Presses Universitaires de France.

Les 100 lieux de la géopolitique,
Jean-Marc Huissoud & Pascal Gauchon. 
Presses Universitaires de France.