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GEM Paris Campus

Now located in the 14th district, our new Paris campus embodies our social and environmental commitments: zero waste, located in a green belt and modular, it has been designed to ensure user well-being and to adapt to new teaching and co-construction methods.

CAMPUS   96 rue Didot - 75014 Paris / +33 1 87 03 07 66



A green campus in the heart of Paris

Right in the heart of the new Broussais hospital district, our campus is located in the former premises of the Red Cross, close to the cité internationale universitaire campus, in a neighborhood undergoing radical urban regeneration to encourage diversity in terms of the facilities, shops and inhabitants in place.

Large, leafy, green spaces, no single-use plastic cups in the drinks machines, water fountains throughout, a ban on plastic bottles: GEM Campus Paris, is a green, 100% zero waste campus in the center of Paris.

Un bâtiment pensé pour de l'apprentissage hybride

Designed around the GEM Learning Model over a surface area of 2,500 m², our Parisian campus includes:

  • 9 classrooms
  • 1,120 m2 learning center
  • 500 m² of project spaces
  • Modular rooms
  • Executive Education spaces
  • Interior patio

Take a virtual tour of the campus!

GEM Campus Paris

Everything is geared toward co-constructed learning

  • The spaces can be freely reorganized by anybody and everybody: none of the classrooms have a fixed layout, all the furniture is mobile.
  • The rooms are equipped with a range of writing surfaces and touch screens to encourage project-based learning, exchange or send data directly to teaching staff.
  • Setting up remote virtual working groups is facilitated by providing the appropriate equipment: students can meet in a classroom and work together with other members of the group using the project spaces around the campus.
  • Soon it will be possible to deliver lessons simultaneously on the Grenoble and Paris campuses.

Diverse profiles and programs

GEM Campus Paris mainly welcomes in students on work-study, lifelong learning and international courses:

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