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GEM Labs Innovation Campus

Grenoble Ecole de Management’s second Grenoble campus is located in the heart of Grenoble’s scientific peninsula. GEM Labs is based on innovation through experimentation. A true Business Lab, decision-makers and their teams come to experiment with new ways of seeing and doing business, developing their activities and creating value.

CAMPUS   142, Avenue des Martyrs - 38000 Grenoble

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Here, thanks to immersive platforms, we initiate a team and a project. We play at staging innovation. We test new solutions in almost real-life situations. We learn, capitalize, share and reuse.

A complete experiential journey

Experimentation platforms are at the heart of GEM Labs – enabling immersive learning experiences, inspiring managers and leaders in the face of technological transitions, actively committing to sustainable and responsible innovation.


Simulation and Test Platforms

The platforms include a connected shop, connected street and home spaces, and my Market Lab. Here we simulate the consumer journey - dissecting purchasing behavior, consumer risk-taking, and the act of taking action. We explore the challenges between technology and ethics, the importance of intellectual property, and more.


Platform dedicated to serious games and gamification

Here we wonder, we question ourselves, we change our behavior. Innovating through play by experiencing situations that enable decision making adapted to the context.


Platform dedicated to project teams and design thinking

The teams meet here to conduct an innovative project. Thanks to design thinking, everyone learns to think differently, to appropriate the technologies and make them an asset to build on.
Design thinking is a great asset for co-developing with project teams and scripting the paths of project leaders.

The Business Lab Profile

  • Learners who are aware of the importance of their future role as innovation facilitators: to learn the practices and behaviors of a transitional innovation.
  • Bearers of innovation looking for collaboration and experimentation: to secure and accelerate the transformation of their ideas into sustainable activities.
  • Leaders willing to share their visions and engage in high ambition experiments as an ecosystem.

Three reasons to collaborate with GEM Labs

  • Energize the management and leadership skills of your teams at a time of digital and societal transitions through the co-creation of immersive and reflective learning experiences.
  • Quickly illuminate the potential value of an innovation in a 360-degree way through the Innovation Use Cases factory.
  • Renew your model and the way you innovate by using our Innovation Studios and mobilizing our innovation ecosystems.
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