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Exchange programs: general information

Each year Grenoble Ecole de Management welcomes 300 international students on its exchange programs. You may wish to be part of the community.

Admission requirements

Mandatory Requirements

Your home university must hold an agreement with GEM. All the students need to be nominated by the partner university.
Depending on your home institution’s requirements, you may choose between 10 different programs (from Bachelor level year 2 to Master level year 2.

The courses are taught in French or in English: detailed programs.

According to the conditions proposed/mandated by your home university, you may choose: 

  • one semester (Fall or Spring)
  • a full academic year
  • a double degree scheme (where such an agreement has been signed with your university)

Degree and Curriculum

Your home university is linked with our institution through an academic or Erasmus+ exchange agreement, the exchange will therefore be an integral part of your studies. GEM hold the Erasmus+ Charter and adheres to its rules & regulations.

One semester requires 30 ECTS credits or 12 US credits or equivalent, while one year requires 60 ECTS credits, or 24 US credits or equivalent.

A double degree is only available where GEM has signed such an agreement with the sending institution.

The different programs cannot be mixed & matched; you need to choose your classes from a sole program. Advice to choose the classes shall be given by your home academic coordinator as well as by the GEM academic coordinator once you have been nominated to GEM by your home institution. Syllabi are available by program.

Internships are only available to the students enrolled on the Master double degree scheme.

The exams & resits (when available) need to be taken at GEM.

No late no early departures are authorized. The orientation is mandatory.

Health Care and other insurances

EU students ought to come with a valid EHIC/European Health Insurance Card (CEAM in French) or a private insurance for the whole duration of their exchange at GEM.
EHIC covers basic medical and hospital care. Therefore it is strongly advised that exchange students also holds a complementary insurance that covers:

  • Extra medical & hospital expenses
  • Repatriation and Civil Liability (Third party insurance)

Non-EU students have to consider the duration of their stay in France and the type of visa they have handed out:

  • Non-EU students coming on a short-term visa (3 to 6 months) or with a student long-term visa marked “Temporary exemption from resident card” / in French: “visa VLS-T Etudiant avec dispense temporaire de titre de séjour” are required to sign up for a private insurance in their home country prior to coming to France. This insurance could guarantee:
    • Medical and hospital care
    • Repatriation
    • Civil Liability (Third party insurance)

Important information: : those students CANNOT benefit from the French Health care system called “Sécurité Sociale”.

  • Non-EU students coming on a long term student visa will have to enroll on the French Health care system called “Sécurité Sociale” or CPAM. This is free of charge BUT mandatory and need to be done personally by each student. All information is to be found on However students need first of all to have enrolled with GEM and also to hold a valid Resident Permit or OFII stamp. This takes time, therefore all students are strongly advised to hold an insurance from their home country covering them for the first 3 to 4 months of their stay in France. This insurance should guarantee:
    • Medical and hospital care
    • Repatriation and Civil Liability (Third party insurance)

Also note that CPAM covers basic medical and hospital expenses. It is therefore advised that students also hold a complementary insurance for full or at least better coverage. This can be bought at any time anywhere and for any duration required.

Important information for all students: 

  • Always check with your home university whether they can provide you with a study abroad insurance and check the guarantees covered.
  • Students bear the sole and full responsibility for their Health Coverage.

For comprehensive and updated information, please go to our Information Package for International Students:  Guide for international students.

Student Life 

Are you into athletics or a music lover? An organizer-type or entrepreneur-type person? Do you thirst for adventure or are you already serious about business? Well, just do it! There must be a student association for you among the 25 students associations that GEM shelters:

  • On average 300 students involved each year
  • More than 400 associative projects per year
  • 1200 m² of school space dedicated to associations

More information here