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Diversity and Disability

Our institution has always emphasized the diversity of our students and professors as this international melting pot brings us new talents from around the world.

Since 2005, Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) has been developing specific projects to encourage diversity.

Diversity through equal opportunity

GEM believes in fostering excellence in its educational environment through the diversity of its profiles.

GEM believes in fostering excellence in its educational environment through the diversity of its profiles

  • The post-baccalaureate Social Ascent exam for senior high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds;
  • The post-baccalaureate Handicap Passerelle for senior high school students with disabilities.

Concurrently, we also

  • Offer a support program for junior and senior high school students in technological fields in order to facilitate their pursuit of higher education.
  • Support tutoring for youth in partnership with the city of Eybens ( "Point Information Jeunesse") and the school's student association for solidarity, SOS (Savoir Oser la Solidarité).
  • Organize an annual recruitment fair for students with disabilities (Handicafé) in partnership with the FEDEEH.




    Students with disabilities can benefit from personalized counseling as well as the possibility to adapt their schedules and teaching methods to meet their needs. GEM also offers continuing education opportunities for employed individuals who must change career paths due to a disability. All of GEM's trainings are accessible to students with disabilities.

    Diversity and human resource management

    Our goal is for students (future managers, entrepreneurs, leaders,...) to understand the challenges of diversity and equal opportunity so that they may integrate this knowledge in their future work.

    Our institution encourages this personal development by offering:

    • Specialized classes in diversity management
    • Sign language classes
    • Disability awareness activities: Sensihandicap
    • A "Management & Disabilities" certification (in partnership with the HANPLOI association). This certificate is unique in France and aims to change the perspectives of students vis-à-vis disabilities thanks to real-life experiences to develop their awareness. Thanks to this learning opportunity students can highlight their experience with disabilities and add real value to their skill set as managers.
      Obtaining this certificate passes through three steps: learning theoretical groundwork, learning by experience and learning by meeting. Students also keep a journal of their learning experience. The course is certified by ESC Grenoble/HANPLOI and the certification is delivered by a multidisciplinary jury.

    Loik Roche « In today's world, our business school must help companies recruit men and women who can think, work and innovate in extraordinary ways. At Grenoble Ecole de Management, prioritizing diversity means training top athletes, artists, students from disadvantaged backgrounds, men and women with disabilities, and strong individuals with incredible and unique experiences. This commitment is a resounding expression of our firm belief in diversity and its invaluable source of life for organizations and innovation. »

    Loïck Roche
    Dean of Grenoble Ecole de Management