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Xinyu Guo


Phd Candidate to department Management & Technology
Master's Degree in International Business, Management, Grenoble Ecole de Management

Areas of expertise

  • Public Sector

Xinyu is a PhD student and research assistant in the Energy Management team. Her current research interests are concentrated on green energy transition, and she’s particularly fascinated with discovering the triggers in the industrial adoption of renewable energy technologies, but also the new business models derived from the green shift. She has published her findings in a peer-reviewed journal.

She holds a master degree in International Business from Grenoble Ecole de Management and has worked in market and strategy departments in several industries prior to entering academia. She also has teaching experience as a guest speaker in bachelor courses.

Xinyu has lived, studied, and worked in China, Indonesia, France, and Belgium and is fluent in Chinese, Cantonese, and English (French is in progress! ;P). She likes dancing, swimming, boxing, skateboarding and hiking.