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Vassili Joannides


Associate Professor to department Accounting, Law & Finance
Doctorat , Université Paris Dauphine / Manchester Business School

Areas of expertise

  • Management Accounting
  • Diversity
  • Epistemology
  • Ethics
  • International Management

Vassili holds three masters degrees from Institut d'études Politiques de Paris and école Normale Supérieure: one in arts, one in finance and one in accounting education, as well as a PhD in management control from Université Paris Dauphine / Manchester Business School (UK). Vassili is also an entrepreneur and a consultant, as he is the vice-president and partner of De Burg & Associés specialising in the art market. He is now an associate Professor at Grenoble École de Management, where he is the academic Director of the France DBA programme. he has been since 2009 an adjunct professor at Queensland University of Technology in Australia and has held a series of visiting scholar positions worldwide. His research is interdisciplinary; grounded in political philosophy and theology, it addresses accountability as day-to-day practice in a variety of settings. Vassili has a particular interest in nonprofits, religious organisations, the public sector, workers' cooperatives and ethnicity. In all these contexts, he has particuarly emphasised the development of rhetoric, critical stances and persuasivness issues. Given his areas of expertise he is a board member at various journals and the director of the Palgrave Studies in Accounting & Finance Practices.