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Vassili Joannides


Associate Professor to department Accounting, Law & Finance
Doctorat , Université Paris Dauphine / Manchester Business School

Areas of expertise

  • Management Accounting
  • Diversity
  • Epistemology
  • Ethics
  • International Management
Vassili holds three masters degrees from Institut d'études Politiques de Paris and école Normale Supérieure: one in arts, one in finance and one in accounting education, as well as a PhD in management control from Université Paris Dauphine / Manchester Business School (UK). Vassili is also an entrepreneur and a consultant, as he is the vice-president and partner of De Burg & Associés specialising in the art market. Vassii is now an Assistant Professor of Management Control at Grenoble école de Management and Queensland Unviersity of Technology. His teaching mainly focuses on the human, organisational, political, social and strategic aspects of management control/accounting, rejecting computations and economics. Vassili seeks to develop with his students these soft skills they are usually lacking when they apply for a job. More specifically, Vassili educates them in the view of making them capable of designing and implementing a management control system suited to the context in which they are working. To this end, he trains them in the job of a consultant or a personal counsellor to a CEO. Beyond management control, Vassili lectures on corporate governance and accountability as well as epistemology and research methods in numerous programmes. Vassili's research is on ethics and the religious foundations of accounting and management practices, ethnicity and gender in management control, the management of nonprofits and workers' cooperatives, international management control systems and epistemology. Vassili publishes on these topics in various French and internaitonal journals, such as Critical Perspectives on Accounting or Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management. Given his areas of expertise he is a board member at various journals, such as International Business Research, and is the doctoral abstract series editor of the Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change.