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Samuel Jubé


Associate Professor to department Accounting, Law & Finance
Doctorate of Philosophy, Law, Université de Nantes

Areas of expertise

  • Accruals
  • Accountancy
  • Self-confidence
  • Informational content of accounting figures
  • Sustainable Development

Samuel Jubé holds a Ph.D in Law (Nantes, France, 2008). He has taught at the University of Nantes and at Rennes 1 University, before joining  the Nantes Institute for Advanced Study Foundation as Secretary-General (a member institute of the SIAS international consortium). In 2012, he was appointed Director of the IAS-Nantes for a five-year term (2013-2018). In 2018, he has been appointed as a Permanent Member of the IAS-Nantes. In September 2019, he has joined Grenoble School of Management as an Associate Professor within the Accounting, Law and Finance Department which is now his main affiliation. His research lies at the crossroads of law, history, economics and management sciences and is focused on the legal impacts of the international accounting standardization (both at national and international levels, including legal fields such as corporate governance law, labour law and environment law).

    • Corporate Governance - Master - Since 2019
    • Business Law - Master - Since 2019
    • Legal Environment of International Business - Master - Since 2019
    • Gestion juridique de l'innovation - Master - Since 2019
    • Management, Law and Innovation - Master - Since 2019