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Paata Brekashvili


Affiliate Professor to department People, Organizations and Society
Doctorate of Philosophy, Caucasus University(Georgia)& Georgia State University(USA)

Areas of expertise

  • Business Administration
  • Personnel Administration
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Consulting and Management
Paata Brekashvili, PhD (Caucasus University, Georgia & Georgia State University, USA) currently works as a Director of Graduate Studies at Caucasus School of Business. He has very extensive academic experience. He delivers classes in management area on Doctoral, Master and Undergraduate level. His research and teaching interests range across: Negotiation, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Employment Relationships, Psychological Contracts, Social Exchange, Ethics and Culture.Mr. Brekashvili has developed academic programs and courses while working as head of Department of Managerial Sciences at Caucasus School of Business. Prior to academics, he has diverse project management experience in public (Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia), international (USDA) and private (Sante GMT Products LLC) organizations.