Melani Prinsloo

South Africa

Affiliate Professor to department Marketing
Doctorate of Philosophy, Luleå University of Technology

Areas of expertise

  • Product Marketing
  • Service Marketing
  • Industrial Marketing
  • International Marketing
Mélani's career started as an academic at the University of Pretoria, specializing in Marketing and the creation and management of profitable Customer relationships. During this period she was always lured by research and consulting projects that offered challenges to apply the knowledge accumulated through academic endeavour in solution-oriented environments. An increase in these activities lead to the decision to leave the university and start a small research company, then called Metric Business Analysts. Even though the idea was to keep the company small and specialize in niche projects where she was able to deliver true value to hand-selected clients, the world seemed to have different ideas. After signing up several blue chip companies (project list attached) as specialized project clients and working internationally for several years, a project with a life and a heart beat of its own emerged… Now, Mélani is the founder partner of Infusion and specifically of the township lifestyle research project that has been running for the last two years. This project allowed her team the space to innovatively evaluate the South African, or rather developing world research landscape, and design an alternative solution to traditional research. One of the main objectives is to address severe information shortages on middle class markets in order to sustainably create markets. This project around designing commercially viable Community-Based Participatory Research Projects and networks is not only a very successful commercial endeavour but also the topic of her PhD that will be complete in December 2007. Mélani has published various articles in highly acclaimed national and international journals, has published a book on Service Marketing, has lectured on various topics nationally and internationally, has worked in developed and underdeveloped markets and presented several papers on national and international conferences.