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Martin Zahner

Austria France

Director of International Affairs
Associate Professor to department Modern Languages and Foreign Cultures
Maîtrise , Université stendhal

Areas of expertise

  • Innovation & Technology
  • Business Games in Foreign Languages
  • German Language and Cultures

After 6 years of engineer studies in Biotechnology in Austria and two years of studies of German in France, Martin ZAHNER became first assistant of the language lab, teacher for foreign languages and finally department head for the department modern languages and foreign cultures (from 2000 to 2012). In parallel he took responsibilities in the center of International Affairs, since April 2010 he is associate director of International Affairs and academic advisor for the following countries: AUS/AUT/BR/GER/NL/NZL/RSA/USA. He develops with 6 other schools a common entrance exam for international students in order to join the Master ESC program. He is involved in recruiting and developing strategies of implantation. Martin Zahner is also actively involved in the development of a regional and international network which brings international Master students from Grenoble together with local high level company managers in order to make these students become ambassadors from the region, once they are back in their home country. Since septembre 2017 he bacame vice-president of the "Jeunes Ambassadeur" association and president of the Grenoble branch of this association.