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John Kawalek-Externe

United Kingdom

Affiliate Professor to department Management & Technology
Doctorate of Philosophy, Sheffield Hallam University
Biography John´s professional background is in IT and Management Consulting. He started his career in the manufacturing sector as a Programmer/ Analyst, Systems Analyst, and then as a Senior Systems Analyst. He then worked as an Business Consultant, working with a huge array of organisations, e.g. large private sector organisations such as IBM, Lotus, Rover Group, Jaeger Group, British Oxygen; also in the public sector working for DFID, & with French government departments, in the US, in large multi-million dollar companies, as well as with smaller and medium sized organisations. John has held Director level positions in a number of organisations.He now lectures in Systems Theory, Change Management and Management Consultancy at the University of Sheffield, UK. He has authored over 50 academic papers, and has written two books. The first of these is entitled "The Art of Organisational Problem Solving: how to think about what we are doing in Management" (published by the Edwin Mellen Press), and this has provided the basis of a new set of change management principles and products, known as INSPIRE.John holds three degrees in different disciplinary areas. His undergraduate degree is in History & Economics, his master´s degree is in Computer Science and his PhD is in Innovation Systems and Management. He is a member of the British Computer Society, and is Chartered as an Information Technology Professional. Selected Recent PublicationsKawalek, J.P. (2004), Systems thinking and knowledge management: positional assertions and preliminary observations, Systems Research and Behavioural Science.Kawalek, J.P. (2006), Organisational change through management development: a case of GW Power Utilities, International Journal of Information Management.Kawalek, JP, & Hart D, (2007), Managing E-Learning Group Processes using Teleological Inquiring Principles, Journal of Information Technology.Kawalek, J.P. (2006), Pedagogy and Process in `Organisational Problem-Solving´, Informing Science.Kawalek, J.P. & Jayaratna, N. (2003), Evaluating 'Interpretive' Information Systems Research, in Benchmarking an International Journal.Kawalek, J.P., (2006) The Art of Organisational Problem-Solving: how to think about what we are doing in Management, Edwin Mellen Press.Kawalek, J.P., (2007), Re-Thinking Information Systems in Organisations, Integrating Organisational Problem-Solving, Routledge.