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Florence Dietrichs


Lecturer to department Accounting, Law & Finance
Diplôme d'études approfondies, Private Law, université de sciences sociales Pierre Mendes France GRENOBLE

Areas of expertise

  • Law
  • Civil Law
  • Labor Law
  • Corporate Law
After studying law at the University of Social Sciences in Toulouse, Florence Dietrichs worked as an associate in a business legal office (Lucas) in Avranches, Normandie. This enriching experience has enabled her to apply her acquired knowledge at university, and to discover the corporate legal sector. A few years later, she chose to further her knowledge in business law by obtaining a DEA, currently known as a Master 2 degree in private and criminal law. She also had the opportunity to write web articles on asset management law about stock markets guidance in « Tendance », based in Lyon. Nowadays Florence Dietrichs works as a professor of law at GEM as well as the IUT 2 of Grenoble.
    • Droit pénal des affaires et transmission - Licence - from 2008 to 2016
    • Droit des Affaires - Formation Continue
    • Droit des Contrats - Formation Continue