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Adriana Rubiano-Sarria

Colombia France

Lecturer to department Modern Languages and Foreign Cultures
Research Master's, La Universidad de Antioquia

Areas of expertise

  • Corporate Communication
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Cultural Differences
  • Business Games in Foreign Languages

Born in Colombia, I have become a naturalised French citizen.

I am a trained teacher and I have always worked with different types of students from both educational and professional backgrounds.

Since 2002, I have been working at GEM providing the transmission of knowledge via pedagogical understanding.

Working within the team of Spanish teachers, I am involved in the completion of the syllabuses and in the creation of new modules. In this way, we elaborate new materials for classes using different tools.

Furthermore, I actively participate in the evolution of the programmes to be used in the new training courses offered by GEM; for example: Formacadre SHN or tutorials in e-learning.

My role is also to provide working methods for the student, to organise cultural discovery events produced by the students and to encourage the students to choose a research topic in order to obtain a linguistic result. (Work in the form of articles, recipe books, cultural subjects, travel guides, or computer graphics.)

I am examiner for the entrance exams and for the classification of levels at the end of training courses.

I contribute to enriching and organising the contents of the Moodle site to help improve the language level of the students via the e-learning programme of the school.