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Digital Strategy Teacher's Testimonials

Karima-Catherine Goundiam

Founder and Managing Director, Red Dot Digital Inc. 

Being a returning guest teacher at Grenoble Ecole de Management is increasingly satisfying over time. Every year, I get to meet a new cohort of students, most of whom are professionals working with prestigious companies. The quality of the students is top-notch; every cohort is diverse and full of brilliant people. The most exciting part is spending eight hours straight with them and then, afterward, hearing their feedback and enthusiasm about the topics we discussed. This ongoing relationship with GEM gives me the opportunity to impact people who will then take their new knowledge into their lives and, I hope, share it in turn. 

Karima-Catherine Goundiam (KC) is the founder and CEO of Red Dot Digital, with 20 years of international integrated campaign and project management experience, including with Deloitte Canada and Ford. She is a lecturer at the Grenoble School of Management in Paris for the Advanced Master in Digital Strategy Management, and she sits on the WMBA Advisory Board at Imperial College in London, UK. As well, KC is the VP of the British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce. In September 2018, she received the JoAnna Townsend Excellence Award from the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT).

James Barisic

Business consultant, Program Director

"The joy of the Digital Strategy Management course is that each year is different. As a lecturer in digital marketing, social media and the European single market, I can tell you, change comes fast - sometimes even as I start lecturing! In addition, the diversity of students gives us the opportunity to explore digital from a plethora of different perspectives. We have students with a range of experiences from university to start up to C-suite, from Asia to Africa to Europe - and lecturers with an equal level of diversity. The flipped teaching model means that we get to harness our collective knowledge to the benefit of all. As a learning experience, it is without parallel."

James Barisic is a business consultant based in France. Born in London, James was educated in Scotland and England and has had a wide ranging career including working for a political party and in local government before becoming a lawyer specialising in corporate, IT and intellectual property law. He founded a digital marketing agency in the UK before moving to France in 2014. James specialises in digital marketing and engagement, ecommerce and the European digital single market.

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