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Digital Marketing Specialization

The fast-changing electronic media environment and its impact on marketing is the focus of this specialisation.


Areas covered include website communication, online consumer behavior, the growth in e-retailing, customer relationship management.

The impact of social networking tools is explored as well; you will acquire the power they give marketers to build relationships and gather information from the wide options available.

Other important topics will be covered on a more general level: viral marketing, search marketing, search engine optimization, paid search, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, blogging, internet advertising.


This specialization is for all professionals and organizations where the technical options and implementation of a digital project are being pursued.
All who need to acquire the “golden rules” of web design, and to understand how they are universally applied and their associated KPIs.

Those who need to measure the extent to which web-analytics constantly drive content and design of digital supports.