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Developing New Perspectives on Compensation and Benefits

The Global Reward Management Program was launched this year to help participants rethink their compensation strategies. Spread out over four sessions in Ghent, Grenoble, Berlin and Brussels, this program was created by Grenoble Ecole de Management in partnership with the Vlerick Business School (Belgium) and ESCP Europe. Current participant, Gilles Ricou, shares his experience with us:

What was your motivation for participating in the Global Rewards Management Program?

I had several reasons for participating in this program. First of all, I was looking to deepen my strategic understanding of compensation and benefits. I also wanted to discover new ideas to enhance our benefits package. Finally, I wanted a training course that was oriented towards global strategies.

What are the specific characteristics and advantages of this program?

As the program is organized by three European business schools, the vision is decidedly international. This has really allowed me to go further in my understanding of strategies for global compensation and benefits. We were provided with concrete solutions thanks to a combination of theory and real life examples.

During these seminars, we were able to focus on strategy and business questions as well as cultural, structural and governance issues. The program also deals with individual behavior and ambitions. Overall this approach has helped me dissect the various interactions between factors such as strategic choices, benefits packages, financial questions and HR issues.

What have you taken from this program so far?

I found the program's systemic approach to be particularly interesting and it has opened my eyes to new possibilities. Thanks to the quality of the teaching, I was able to realize that I also have to look at compensation issues from a systemic point of view.

What are the results of this training for your career?

Today, this training has allowed me to take a step back and use new tools to better understand the big picture. These new skills are in turn a positive factor for my professional advancement.


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Updated on 15 September 2014 at 2h44 pm