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Developing Consulting Expertise

The module builds on Organisational Behaviour and Change Management theory and has three main objectives:

  • The students will develop an expertise in Organisational Consulting in order to deploy their skills in both large and small companies to ensure that the organisational structure maximises performance.
  • Students will be introduced to the role of creativity in today’s business and to make them aware of skills, techniques, and conditions they can develop to foster creativity both in their own organisations and their clients’ organisations
  • Finally the module will look at the commercial environment in which consulting skills will be deployed, focusing on the challenges facing consulting firms and individual consultants and on how to run a successful consulting practice in today’s environment.


Organisational Consulting

The life cycle of an enterprise, Organisational Development, Structure and Strategy: Adapting the organisation to the strategy, Structuring and restructuring organisations through corporate growth, Implementing Organisational Change, Managing Conflict and Resistance to Change, Selecting, Developing and Training Managers, Optimising Performance, Creating a learning organisation.

Creative Management for Consultants

Why Creativity is important or what can it bring to business, Introduction to creativity techniques, How to foster creativity in organisations? Creativity and Innovation, Creativity and change.

Managing the successful consulting practice

The consulting industry today, “Thought leadership”, Selling Consulting Services, Managing People Business, Profitability, Differentiating consulting services, Ethics and professional integrity


The seminar is taught in English by both academics and professionals all with extensive experience in consulting.

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