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Develop your research activities

Co-designing research activities

You can take advantage of the School’s research expertise (in Health and Well-Being, on the Sharing Economy, in Energy & Climate Change, in Entrepreneurship, in Digital Transformation, in Geopolitics & Businesses, and in Innovative Pedagogy). Thanks to bilateral contracts or sub-contracting, research activities can be carried out within such contexts as thesis, business cases, market research…

Collaborating in tender proposal processes 

You are in need of a partner in a tendering process. GEM can support you in the bid, thanks to its dedicated research teams and expertise. Furthermore, do not hesitate to suggest your expertise so that we can manage together the submission of a bid.

Examples: European Projects (H2020, FP9, EIT), French projects (Investments for the Future Program (projets d’investissements d’avenir) -PIA-, IRT, FUI, ADEME…), regional projects, …

Creating a joint research chair 

Our respective institutions can collaborate in the creation of a chair, with the aim of highlighting new and emerging research based on sharing of experience and expertise.

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