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Dedicated areas and innovative measures

The School deploys its pedagogical innovation model, the GEM Learning Model, in new content and new training formats. Key elements of this successful new model: two experiential and immersive-learning campuses in Grenoble and in Paris.

A new campus in Paris in 2019

GEM is going to invest in a new building in Paris in the autumn of 2019, replacing the existing campus located rue Ranelagh (Paris 16ème).
The new project will introduce new ways of organizing the work space in order to further enhance the learning experience.

This means swapping meeting rooms, classrooms and individual offices with new areas designed for concentration and collaboration, project rooms and movable partition walls!

The 5000 m2 single-story building will have an outside patio, a lightwell, and transparent walls, as well as active learning spaces (an immersive experiential area and an open space called the Agora); study and data rooms (e-learning center with segmented work spheres); adjustable teaching areas dedicated to full-time students as well as distinct rooms for executive education participants.

Opening of GEM’s new Paris campus planned in September 2019.

GEM Labs in Grenoble

GEM Labs is the GEM campus dedicated to innovation, supervised by Sylvie Blanco, Innovation & Experimentation Director at GEM. GEM’s second Grenoble campus opened in 2016 in a temporary building shared with the Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble INP). GEM Labs will open in its final location, in the heart of the scientific district, at the end of 2019.

The 3800 m2 campus will welcome 700 individuals (students, GEM employees and corporate partners). It will be totally connected (web-conferencing devices available in all areas), with:

  • open and collaborative learning areas
  • innovative artefacts such as phygital palaver trees;
  • « no work zones » to respect the well-being of the individual;
  • immersive and engaging learning areas where corporate partners can leave their innovations for students to experiment with;
  • five modulable classrooms both immersive and experiential; a playground dedicated to serious games; a connected shop; a Hub for Open Business Innovation (the HOBI1); co-working spaces, etc.

GEM Labs is a meeting place, a playground at the service of businesses and academic research. PLEXUS (Projects as Learning EXperience for Unity and Society), and the IRT Nanoelec, to develop innovative training programs, are two valuable assets hosted by GEM Labs.

Focus on the connected shop

The connected shop is a significant component of GEM Labs. An “apartment”, a “street” and a food-store (to re-create the customer experience) will soon open on the premises. The aim of this business lab is to offer an immersive learning experience to the students and corporate partners.

The connected shop has already become a playground for both businesses (which can test their products and their impact), and students (in their courses on sensory marketing, negotiation, purchase management and information systems…).

A sample of the educational innovations developed by GEM

  • Several MOOCs available
  • A collection of serious games
  • A supply chain simulation game (Homebox)
  • A call center simulation game (Flashtel)
  • Students on the Advanced Master in Entrepreneurship attended, alongside 9 start-ups, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas
  • Role playing (a courthouse in the German language class, negotiation for a company buyout, “my own business” modules...)
  • Measures to boost creativity and develop skills to innovate (« The new intake challenge », “getting creative” with an idea per day in design thinking, Creanov…)
  • Project pedagogy : live business cases, TEchbiz, Advanced Master in Entrepreneurship, the digital marketing factory track
  • Double tracks on cross disciplinary topics 


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