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Covid-19: Our measures for GEM staff-members

A crisis management team made up of 10 people meets on a daily-basis since December 2019. The aim is to ensure the safety and protection of every individual associated with the institution. GEM's response in terms of its actions and operations is to match the public health crisis.

The crisis management team anticipated governmental measures and took the necessary decisions to cancel all events, stop all classes as of March 11th, and to make the switch from office to remote work as soon as March 16th for all of its staff.

Staff-members receive a daily email updating them on the decisions made by the crisis management team.

Loïck Roche, Dean and Director, spoke at every team meeting and met with managers via Teams, as soon as the crisis hit.

"The Line", a 24/7 free independent helpline, both anonymous and confidential is exclusive to GEM staff-members. Managed by Stimulus, the leading consultancy on workplace well-being and health, the helpline supports employees who wish to talk with someone in a confidential setting (in French or English).

The INFO STAFF COVID-19 group was set-up on Yammer (GEM's corporate social network) for staff-members in direct contact with the school's crisis management team, so that official information can rapidly be dispatched. This group also offers the opportunity to discuss with one another and share valuable information that can impact the staff members' personal or professional lives.

The GEM LIFE COVID-19 group was set-up on Yammer (GEM's corporate social network) for staff-members. Managed by the school's internal communications team, this group offers a platform for daily advice and fun activities: great tips to keep children busy, best practices in terms of working from home, photo contests, a Spotify playlist to which all can contribute, and other resources to make everyone feel less isolated. There is also a section in the group to encourage staff members to participate in external support groups (to offer support to caregivers, offer childcare help or to shop for and help frail individuals...).

The Microsoft Teams tool enabling remote work was set up and all staff members received headphones.

Two units were specifically set-up to organize business recovery: one for companies and partnerships, and the other for training programs with the aim of anticipating recovery based on several possible scenarios.