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Covid-19: Online content – measures taken by GEM

Geopolitics Festival: A 100% digital event

Further to the Covid-19 outbreak, the 2020 edition of the Festival, which originally was to take place March 25th – 28th, had to be cancelled. However, organizers didn't let the event be completely scrapped. The vocation of the Festival being to highlight geopolitical challenges and current crises, the 2020 edition seemed ever more essential during this global health emergency. This is why GEM decided to hold the Festival online from April 21st until this summer!
Through interactive videos, viewers can hear experts debate on digital challenges (the initial event was on the topic of "Digital (R)evolution").

Registration and live streaming


Global Studies

Three MOOCS to better comprehend globalization challenges through political science and global studies. You can choose to follow all three or each one independently.

Available here

Saving / Investing  

An opportunity for all to learn the fundamentals of the banking sector.

Available here

New energy technologies 

Available here

Raising money for my start-up

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White papers and other resources


Geopolitics Festival – watch past conferences.

Lectures on  GEM's YouTube channel , most notably Can Emotional intelligence serve gender relations? or Ordinary sexism: from denial to bringing it to light.   GEM experts analyses on the Xerfi Canal. 
Upcoming: A series of webinars


Spotify playlist created by GEM staff-members

Expert Opinions

Once a week, GEM experts (professors, admin staff, as well as alumni) share their expert opinion on the recent developments and impacts to be expected during the Covid-19 crisis.  


Available via the GEM account, weekly meditation podcasts produced by the "Peace Economics, mindfulness and well-being at work" Chair, the subsequent episodes of the GEM Podcast "We tested the future".

An "alternative" blog

Jean-François Fiorina, Vice-Dean, publishes daily update posts on his experience during the pandemic and his analysis of it.