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Corporate Business Process for Consultants

This module aims to deal with the current issues facing companies in today’s fast moving environment.

The module will examine a wide range of modern global business processes, challenges and opportunities from both the consultant’s and the manager’s perspectives and provide a learning platform to integrate and practice the skills and knowledge learned in the other modules in this program and the entire graduate business school curriculum.

At the end of this module participants will understand the Business Processes which will ensure the growth and success of a company and contribute to its competitiveness. They will also understand how organizations grow and evolve over time and how they should/can adapt to the surrounding business environment whilst taking into account their own strategy and constraints.


  • Consulting successes and failures in diverse industries, nations, business size and business cultures
  • Consulting opportunities in top priority business needs, including business growth and cost structures
  • Lectures on diverse elements of the consulting industry, including M&A, Turnarounds, Internal Consulting, Client-consultant issues, and the impact of recent corporate scandals on the global consulting industry
  • The findings from individual Internet research on diverse consulting firms and consulting opportunities
  • Real-life examples of current consulting assignments/topics
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