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Coronavirus / Covid-19

Update 30/03/2020: Message from Loïck Roche to GEM Staff : Crisis Management team meeting

Dear all,
Today we begin a new week of confinement, and for GEM, this is our third week of working remotely.

On Saturday, March 28th, the government announced that the period of confinement would be extended for a minimum of 15 days.
This did not come as a surprise. We had anticipated this possibility and as announced on the 11th of March, all GEM classes (those not already done through-learning) will be moving entirely online as of the 6th of April.

This prolongation requires us to be increasingly attentive, to ourselves and to each other, so as to ensure that no one loses their footing. The conditions for confinement are not the same for everyone and we have insisted upon the importance of watching out for those members of staff with young and school-age children. We would also like to insist today on the importance of keeping close watch on any other staff that may be living alone.

The next meeting of the Crisis Management Team will take place tomorrow at 14:30.
Wishing you the best possible end to your day.

Update 25/03/2020: Crisis Management team meeting

Dear GEM Staff,
Please find here below, the important information that we would like to share with you following the meeting of the Crisis Management team today:

Yesterday afternoon, the Ministry of Higher Education and the Chapitre des Grandes Ecoles at the CGE made official their decision to revise the modalities for the national entrance exams for 2020. The Chapitre published the decision here. As a result, GEM has canceled the oral entrance exams that usually take place at the School. It was also decided that the oral exit exams would also be canceled. This concerns:

  • The Post High-School Exam (Concours Post-Bac): recruitment will now be an application-based system that follows the Parcoursup calendar.
  • The Preparatory School Exam (Concours post CPGE): the written exam will be moved to mid-June and the oral exams are canceled.
  • Parallel Admissions Exam: modalities for selection are being examined and the oral exams have been canceled.

Innovative solutions (content, activities, tests, videos, …) to maintain regular communication during the period March-August are being put into place by the Admissions team: Escapade, the Admissions and Communication departments and the PGE management team.
Postal mail has been rerouted to a centralized point but reception is irregular. Furthermore, the Postal Service announced yesterday that they would only concentrate on priority mail and would reduce the frequency of delivery. Information concerning the modalities and best practices for all your postal needs will be sent to you later this week.

The Crisis Management team will meet again tomorrow, Thursday.
Wishing the best evening possible.

Update 24/03/2020: Message from Loïck Roche to GEM Staff : Crisis Management team meeting

Dear all,
The Crisis Management team would like to share two items with you from today's meeting :

  • As the number of cases in France continues to increase rapidly, the process for declaring cases and providing information to individuals in business and organizations is evolving. The Regional Health Authority ARS is now requesting that we privilege institutional and collective over individual communication with regular reminders of health and safety recommendations.

You will find all these recommendations on the government website which is regularly updated:

  • The Head of Human Resources and the Head of SEE (Student Experience & Employability) have worked together to put two Counselling Services into place; one for staff and the other for students. The objective is to provide a space for active listening and counselling. The service is free, multi-lingual, adapted to the two types of publics, anonymous, confidential and available 24/7. Further information will be communicated in the week.

The next meeting for the team will take place tomorrow afternoon.
Wishing you the best evening possible.

Update 23/03/2020: Message from Loïck Roche to GEM Staff

Dear GEM staff,
Among the important points from today’s crisis meeting:

  • There are now a number of Coronavirus cases among GEM staff. We are in close and regular contact with all of them. We wish for each and every one of them a full and rapid recovery.

For the cases that have been identified, we have been informing all the staff and students that would have been in contact with them.
A procedure for declaring cases was created by the Head of HR and by delegates from GEM’s Security and Hygiene and Personnel committees (the CHSCT and the CSE).
It will be shared with all GEM staff in the coming days.

  • We would like to thank all those members of staff who have been offering, in addition to their regular workload, to put their skills and knowledge to work helping those services that are under the greatest amount of pressure at present.

The HR service is currently working on a simple solution so as to best match supply and demand.

  • This morning I sent a message to our students to inform them of the actions and services that they can access. This message was posted on the Student COVID-19 Teams group and will be updated on the website.

The next Crisis Management team meeting will take place tomorrow at 16:30.
Wishing you a nice evening.

Update 16/03/2020: Message from Nancy Armstrong to Students

Dear Students,
The last 10 days have been punctuated by announcements, decisions, and events that have upset our everyday lives. Whether it be in your families, your educational environments or your place of work – I am thinking in particular of those who are in apprenticeships or on internships – you are josteled and impacted, as we all are, by this health crisis.

So, first and foremost, I hope that you and your loved ones are well.

But beyond that, I want to share with you 3 commitments to which I hereby pedge with my teams at GEM : 

To be a united and responsible school and employer – which means that we will do all that is in our power to preserve our N°1 priority : the physical integrity and health of our students and colleagues ;
Ensure the pursuit and successful completion of your studies ;
Prepare the future to ensure the continuity of our school.
But in concrete terms, today and looking towards the future, how are we going to cope with this crisis ?

First, and I know that you are already convinced, by respecting governmental directives to the letter. Essentially in France (like in many other countries) that means confinement and social distancing. So stay at home.

This directive, which we anticipated, has guided our actions ; namely our decision on 11th March to suspend classes until 6th April, in order to give our faculty time to transform their classes to an online format.  Then on 16th March, when we decided to manage and organize the whole school (general management, departments, services) 100% from a distance. 

At the beginning of last week and in order to encourage you to make the most of this time of suspended classes, you received a video from Nancy Armstrong.
This week, instead of the Geopolitics Festival that should have taken place in our Grenoble campus, you will receive a video from Jean-François Fiorina. You will also find themes and resources that have been prepared for you by our Library teams.

More generally, remember that you still have access to all the other services at the school : remote library, but also the CDPM, the e-center, the careers service. Don’t hesitate to use them. Don’t hesitate to contact us. GEM colleagues are working from home and are at your disposal to accompany you.

To you all, I wish you the very best for the week ahead.  I hope you will find the strength and the determination necessary to make the constraints we are all facing as bearable and productive as possible for you, and your loved ones.
Yours sincerely

Nancy Armstrong
Direction Adjointe de la Pédagogie
Cell: +33 (0)6 71 42 07 44

Update 16/03/2020: Message from Loïck Roche to Alumni

Dear alumni,
Over the past few weeks, we have all been confronted with an unprecedented situation, the Covid-19 epidemic. 
Whether it be personally or professionally, we have all been impacted by this situation, one that requires empathy, innovation, and discernment. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, you all possess these qualities that make up your own strength as well as the collective strength of our GEM Alumni network.  
At GEM, we’ve been handling this situation since it first came up in December. As an international school, we were faced with managing students on exchange or studying on one of our off-site campuses, calming their worries and finding solutions for classes that could not be administered. 
Today, our actions are based on three reoccurring themes: 

  •  Be a responsible and united school/employer by doing everything possible to preserve the physical integrity and health of all students and staff members,
  • Maintain the continuity of academics and the success of our students, 
  • Anticipate the future and ensure the longevity of our establishment. 

It was important to me to share this information with you, and above all, express our support on behalf of the School, its management, and each department. We wish you the bravery and tenacity necessary to endure and face these difficult moments. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. 

Act Think CARE !

Loïck Roche - General Director 
Grenoble Ecole de Management

Update 16/03/2020: Message from Loïck Roche for GEM employees

Dear members of staff,
This week we are entering into a new phase in the history of GEM: a school 100% online.
Here below are the decisions made by the Crisis Management Team today concerning operations for the coming weeks.

1. To facilitate operations and to continue to promote collective solidarity, all GEM staff will be working remotely as of today and for the next three weeks. We are well aware that not all of you will be able to work at 100%, notably those with young children at home. We simply ask that you do your best in the circumstances and remain as engaged as possible.

2. The 4 GEM buildings (Sémard, Schuman, GEM Labs, GEM Paris) will be closed to all persons (staff included ) as of 18:30 this evening. A security detail will remain active.

3. To ensure that this period of home working is as smooth and as efficient as possible, your manager will be your main contact and will reach out to you to organize the modalities. We suggest that you use this period to first deal with any urgent matters, to begin to prepare for the moment regular activities resume and to concentrate on any larger projects needing time and reflection.

4. Don’t forget your right to disconnect and please remember to connect responsibly as there are concerns about a rapid saturation of the national networks. For example, try to limit video conversations and uploading heavy files.

5. If needed, the e-center is at your disposition for troubleshooting. They can be reached at 04 76 70 62 55. Thank you for your patience as they are also working with a limited number of people.

As you are well aware, since the beginning of the crisis, we have been working to :

- Anticipate all governmental directives,

- Keep you regularly informed,

- Ensure that all activities can be conducted in the best possible conditions,

- Prepare for the moment when we will resume regular activities. Several work groups are being composed for this purpose and will keep you informed.

I wish you the best possible for this period, as difficult as it is, and the most serenity possible.

And finally, I wanted to thank you for your messages… for your recognition of the work done by the members of the Crisis Management Team and all those who are working to organize the remote work of the GEM teams. Thanks to them and thanks to you, we have been able to move into the 100% online.


Dear GEM staff members,

The situation in France and internationally is becoming increasingly complex as the COVID-19 epidemic continues to evolve. It is our goal at GEM to act responsibly and with solidarity and so in response to this evolution and in alignment with directives from the French government, we are taking additional measures.
Yesterday evening, the Prime Minister announced restrictions for businesses and transportation. Following on this, the GEM crisis unit has met this afternoon and has made these decisions:

- The School buildings (GEM Sémard, GEM Labs and GEM Paris) will be accessible tomorrow to all staff who have not already taken their computers, headsets, etc., home. If you do need to come to the school to retrieve your material, we ask that you do not remain at the school unnecessarily but return rapidly to your homes so as to respect governmental instructions.
-  If you already have your material, we request that you remain at home and use the time tomorrow to ensure that you have access to the online learning tools and platforms so as to be prepared for any eventual remote work.
-  Remaining at home is particularly important for anyone who is fragile with respect to the virus. This includes, according to the Public Health authorities, pregnant women, persons with renal, cardiac or respiratory problems, cirrhosis, cardiovascular weaknesses, insulin-dependent diabetes with complications, chronic obesity or those who are immunocompromised. 
- It is not necessary to inform your manager of your choice to remain at home tomorrow March 16th.
-  If you do need to come to the School, we ask that you respect all rules for barrier gestures and maintaining a distance with others.
- The crisis unit will meet again tomorrow at noon and will communicate any updates following the meeting.

GEM management and the crisis unit thank you for your understanding and for the numerous spontaneous messages of support. This difficult period casts a light on the qualities of the GEM staff – empathy, engagement, innovation – and reassures us of our capacity to navigate this crisis and build an open and serene future together.


Here is the information from the crisis unit of this morning.

Both of the Grenoble sites (Sémard & GEMLabs) and GEM Paris will be closed to the general public, students and adult learners as of Monday 16th March 2020.
Staff will continue to work in order to maintain a level of service and comply with the decisions taken previously  with regard to resulting on-line classes as of 6th April for most of you and as of 16th March for the block release students (Alternants).
This short message completes the one sent yesterday.
Of course, this information concerns all of the GEM programs in Grenoble and Paris. For Singapore and Berlin your program directors have already informed you that your lessons will be scheduled online.
For (OUTGOING) exchange students, we are currently collecting information from yourselves and our partners and you will be asked to comply with the decisions taken by our partners and we will get back to you in due course.
The library will remain open tomorrow Saturday 14th March, and will be closed from Sunday onwards. On-line library ressources remain at your disposal.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Dear colleagues,
In compliance with recent Ministry directives and in order to maintain a continuity of pedagogical and administrative service at GEM, the following decisions have been made:

1. As of Monday 16 March 7:30, the GEM buildings – GEM Sémard, GEM LABS and the Paris campus – will be closed to students and the general public. They remain open for all staff.
2. Open hours will be between 8:00 and 18:00 from Monday through Friday and the buildings will close for the weekends as of this Sunday, 15 March.
3. Classes will resume in an online format as of the 6th of April as communicated earlier this week.
4. Any member of staff who is unable to come to work, for whatever reason, must contact his/her manager to define the modalities for work, remote work or absence. Managers will be contacted and all the necessary information will be communicated.
5. All work related travel, with the exception of travel between home and GEM, is prohibited and meetings should be held with the help of online tools.
6. These decisions are effective until further notice.
7. GEM, in function of decisions communicated by the Ministry and local authorities, will keep you informed of any future developments.

Rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to facilitate the organization of the coming weeks and we reiterate our appreciation of your understanding and support during this very particular period.

Update March 11th: message from Loïck Roche to GEM students and collaborators

In response to growing concern about Covid-19, and conscious of our responsibility as an international school and employer, GEM management and the crisis unit have decided on the following preventive measures:
All courses will be suspended at the GEM Sémard, GEM Labs and GEM Paris sites for 3 weeks starting the 16th of March and through the 3rd of April. As of the 6th of April, classes will resume in an online format.
This period of 3 weeks will allow us to limit contagion by reducing the number of people in the buildings and reducing travel. It will also provide us with the time necessary to move content online for the remainder of the semester, enabling students to validate their courses and programs.

Concretely this means :

  • The buildings remain open but there will be no classes
  • Administrative and academic staff will come to work as per usual
  • Student services will be accessible on the campuses
  • All internal and external events have been suspended
  • For the time being, physical attendance is still required for final exams and entrance exams. Rooms will be adapted for the context.
  • Students will be contacted rapidly with information concerning next steps for their program at the beginning of next week
  • Students on the GEM campuses abroad are not concerned by these measures but will be informed of the local measures taken

2) Second important decision – the GEM Altigliss Challenge at Val d’Isère, scheduled to take place from 14th – 21st March 2020, has been canceled. The Geopolitics Festival has also been canceled as previously announced.

3) To centralize and facilitate communication, 2 discussion forums will be opened – one for students and one for staff.


a Microsoft Teams group has been created for you to ask your questions. Responses will ONLY be given on Teams so ensure that a maximum number of people can benefit from them.

Join the team


messages will be sent on Z permanents and on a new group on Yammer entitled INFO COVID 19. All permanent staff will be group members. Responses to any questions will be provided on Yammer to ensure wide diffusion.
External faculty (CDDU contracts) will be contacted on the KLD_Intervenants_CDDU mailing list.A web site has been created and is regularly updated with all major decisions.

And finally, we reiterate that no case of COVID-19 has been declared at GEM.

We thank each and every one of you for your commitment, your understanding and your solidarity in this particular context.

Update 06/03/2020: Loïck Roche, Dean - Message to students and employees : Prevention and responsibility - COVID-19 coronavirus infection situation

Following the message from the Ministry of Health and Solidarity broadcast on March 5th, the HAUT-RHIN department has been added to the French clusters list. Consequently, the measures are the same as for the other cluster zones already identified.

As a reminder: in case of any signs of respiratory infection (fever or the feeling of a fever, cough, breathing difficulties) if you live in an area where the virus is circulating or within 14 days of returning from an area where the virus is circulating:

  • Contact SAMU Center 15, and report your symptoms and your recent stay.
  • Avoid contact with those around you.
  • Wear a mask (on medical prescription).
  • Do not go to your doctor or to the emergency room, to avoid any potential contamination.

Update 03/03/2020: Loïck Roche, Dean and Jean-François Fiorina, Vice Dean - Message to students and employees : Prevention and responsibility - Changes in the measures taken by Grenoble Ecole de Management to deal with the COVID-19 coronavirus infection situation

Travel return guidelines

Following the evolution of the epidemic (transition to stage 2), new measures have been implemented in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health & Solidarity (MSS), the Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI).

The virus is already circulating in our territory so there is no longer any reason not to welcome people to our establishments, who have returned from foreign countries where there is also an active circulation of the virus.

With the exception of the Chinese region of Hubei and the clusters including the French departments of: OISE (Creil, Nogent-sur-Oise, Montataire, Villiers-Saint-Paul, Crepy-en- Valois, Vaumoise, Lagny-le-Sec, Lamorlaye, Lacroix-Saint-Ouen), HAUTE-SAVOIE (La Balme de Sillingy) and MORBIHAN (Auray, Carnac, Crac’h), staff and students returning from areas, abroad or in France, where the virus is circulating:

  • can return to their establishments,
  • are invited to slow down their social life and to monitor themselves regularly (taking their temperature twice a day).

Update - Decision 28/02/2020 - Message for students concerned by the affected zones: Mainland China, Iran, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, South Korea, and Italy.

With reference to my previous messages, I would like to clarify a few things.
GEM’s decision to ask students to leave the above mentioned areas is still in place today - and I continue to stand by it because I value the physical and psychological integrity of GEM students.
However, the French Government guidelines or those of other countries of which you are nationals are only recommendations at this stage.
In addition, if you decide to stay where you are, we ask you to complete, sign and return the release letter attached.
We invite you to take note of the information on the government websites on a regular basis. Hence, if the situation should develop unfavourably, we urge you to comply immediately with the guidelines.

Rest assured that the success of your education is at the heart of my concerns and that together we will do everything in our power to ensure that this particular and extremely difficult situation does not affect your studies at GEM.
Loïck Roche, Dean

Update - Decisions 26/2/2020 - Conoravirus / Covid-19
Prevention and responsability Special cases: private trips 

Message from Loïck Roche, Dean, to students and employees
This message is intended for people who have travelled PRIVATELY to areas of mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, South Korea, and Italy.
We are facing an exceptional situation, which involves collective responsibility.
These people must therefore observe a period of 14 days corresponding to the incubation period of the virus before returning to the GEM campuses.

I thank you all in advance for your daily actions and decisions of taking into account these recommendations that will preserve the health and well-being of us all.
In this relationship of trust and responsibility, here is what is planned:
- The employees concerned are invited to contact their manager by email for occasional telework or leave for 14 days (with information to HR)
- The students concerned are invited to contact their program director by e-mail in order to determine the terms and conditions for distance learning (with information to the school department concerned)

In case of a fever or the feeling of a fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing:
- Quickly contact the SAMU center 15 and alert SAMU about your trip;
- Avoid contact with those around you and keep your mask on;
- Do not go directly to the doctor or to the hospital emergency room.

Decisions 25/2/2020 - Conoravirus / Covid-19
Loïck ROCHE - Dean - Message to students and employees 

As a follow-up to the messages of February 24th, 2020 explaining the government guidelines faced with the Covid-19 epidemic, I would like to inform you that Grenoble Ecole de Management and its crisis unit have made the following decisions that must be applied immediately:
- All professional trips, receiving guests, academic exchanges, internships or gap years in the countries of the zones concerned (mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, South Korea, and Italy) are CANCELLED until further notice.
- All students and collaborators who are currently present in these areas are asked, as much as possible, to LEAVE them and return to France or to their country of origin.

These people must maintain (as mentioned in the government guidelines) a period of 14 days incubation, corresponding to the incubation period of the virus, before returning to GEM campuses.
These measures are preventive and may change depending on the state of the world situation and government guidelines.
Rest assured that everything possible will be done to support everyone involved in this complex situation.


Information - Corona Virus / Covid-19

25 March 2020
In order to inform you regularly on the measures and decisions undertaken by Grenoble Ecole de Management, we have created a specific page that will often be updated. You will also find a list of informational websites related to the epidemic.