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Chairs: Partnerships To Foster Relevant Research


Understanding How To Create And Support A Research Chair

Why create a chair?

  • To explore new questions
  • To collaborate on issues that have yet to be fully researched
  • To combine economic, societal and managerial issues for in-depth analysis

How does a chair work?

  • A minimum three-year commitment to ensure concrete results
  • A chair is piloted by a professor chosen for his or her expertise on the subject and ability to lead the project
  • Founding members and supporting companies participate in the chair's governance (operational committee, strategic and scientific committee)


  • A minimum budget of 200,000 euros per year is required to carry out quality research work (funding can be shared by several companies).
  • Funding is tax deductible (60% for companies, 66% for individuals and 75% for individuals who pay the IFI estate fortune tax)

A Chair's Actions

Depending on a chair's subject and goals, it can support various actions.

  • Provide funding for theses, post-doctoral positions or grants
  • Support research publications (white papers, academic papers, publications and/or websites)
  • Expand pedagogy by creating original training programs as well as innovative educational tools (MOOCs, serious games, etc.)
  • Support teaching by implementing undergraduate training programs based on a chair's research in cutting-edge fields
  • Organize events such as seminars, conferences or exhibitions to promote and share new knowledge
  • Interact with the general public by guiding a community of users, launching calls for projects or offering prizes
Updated on 19 June 2023 at 3h07 pm