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Business Law

Introduction to Law and Corporate Governance

Introduction to Law: this covers a number of key definitions with a focus on the US and EU legal environments, plus areas of direct concern to managers such as fraud (securities fraud and insider trading).
Corporate governance: different views on this area which for many organizations has been a challenge and even a threat to the careers of board members.  The duties and responsibilities of senior managers from a legal point of view, plus the sensitive issue of remuneration policies are an important part of this subject.  Governance codes including the US initiatives through the Sarbannes-Oxley Act are presented and compared to the positions taken in other regions.

Contract Law

All managers need to acquire a basic understanding of what to look for in standard contracts, in order to be able to talk the same language as their legal advisers.  The module introduces some key aspects of a range of widely-used contracts: sales, agency, distribution, licensing, consumer including e-contracts.  The main examples will be based in EU law.  The question of IPR (intellectual property rights) will also form part of the topics under study.

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