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Brano Kral: student experience


"Student life here is amazing, and the music scene is very lively!"

I come from Slovakia and I have done my masters in Norway. France is the sixth country I’ve lived in and I must say that I really do love living in Grenoble! The school is of a high standard, the night life is great and the mountains are just epic!
I came with my car loaded with two snowboards, a downhill bike, climbing gear, a balance board, and a wetsuit. This is one of the best places to be in Europe for mountain sports, so I put all the gear to good use.

Snowboarding is one of my favourite snow sports and I spend a lot of time at it. You find some of the best in Europe when it comes to both park shredding and waist deep steep free-riding in a driving distance of one hour. It’s a great way to make great friends and the slopes are very accessible by bus. I would recommend joining the Snow Sports Association: École de Glisse. They cater for all levels of people and they hook you up with cheap passes, transport, courses, insurance etc.

Grenoble itself is one of the flattest cities in Europe so biking is one of the best ways to get around. You can get one at a good price either from the city itself (Metro Vélo) or the shop ‘Le Petit Vélo’.

Student life and night life here is amazing, and the music scene very lively. I’ve found that the French people are way easier to approach if you speak, or at least try to speak, their language, so working on improving your French is a great way to meet French people.

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Updated on 23 February 2015 at 1h50 pm