BIB Testimonials

Florian Giraudet

Florian was a student on the Bachelors of International Business (BIB). He joined Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB), the international division of Grenoble Ecole de Management, upon graduating from high school. Looking for more than a Grande École, Florian was pleased to study on one of France’s top Bachelor’s programs in such an international setting. To him “international exposure is the epitome of the BIB; students and faculty from all over the world are getting together not only to learn about specific topics, but also gather knowledge that goes well beyond the classroom doors.”
Having lived in the United States and Sweden for a few months, Florian was expecting to develop his knowledge of new cultures, improve his language skills and benefit from the unique learning environment that GGSB had to offer. He also learned a lot when it came to adaptability, flexibility; at school first, but soon after during his internship. “That is what drove me into such a successful internship”, he says. When the students learn how to work in groups, on a myriad of projects, then adapting to a company’s environment is as smooth as it could possibly be. The Career Center has been of help when he was looking for his first internship. Good advice, leads and the invaluable network of GGSB helps guide towards their dream job.
Now, Florian has moved on to another GGSB program: the Masters of Science in Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship. At only 21, he is definitely one of the youngest students enrolled on the program. “I see my young age as an asset. You know, when you are surrounded by so much talent and experience, it is very uplifting. My dream job would be to find a position that links my professional areas of interest with my passion: my mind is already pretty much set as of what I would like to do in the near future and where to go, this is an ambitious and promising project.” Florian is one of those young people who understand the whole dimension of learning. Bursting with ideas, and initiative, creating pathways between different fields, GGSB students are all embracing that creative vision that goes well beyond the academic context.

Lise Michallat

Lise recently graduated from Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB), the international division of Grenoble École de Management, with her Bachelors of International Business (BIB). Like many of her peers, coming from a French high school, she was looking for an international experience; in class and at work. She wanted to step out of her comfort zone in what she describes as “the best of both worlds. Discovering, learning and almost living with a myriad of culture is a very profound and self-humbling process. I have undeniably learned a lot in class, but also so much among my peers, in the amazing setting of the French Alps, which no other school could offer me. It’s like living in a whole different world, that mix of different milieus and stories that was incredibly interesting. Sharing so many experiences with my classmates over the course of the three-year program brought me a lot.”
Lise’s passion for other cultures flew her to Sweden, where she discovered a tremendously different way of learning and working. She even admits that it took her a little while to adapt to those new ways. Young, dynamic, and personable, Lise made the most of her experience in Sweden and then chose to pursue an internship in France. Able to assess very rapidly the contrasts between workplaces, cultures and management methods, Lise has seen how valuable the GGSB way is: “the BIB gave me some sort of an ‘All Access’ pass to becoming a global manager. In three years, we are trained to manage and handle change. To me, we are not being taught what tomorrow’s managers will be, but are learning to become them with passion, a global vision and ethics.”
The MSc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship was the next logical step for Lise at GGSB: “I wanted to gain insights in the world of international trade and commerce.” For her Final Management Project, a 9 to 12-month work placement completed during the second year of the MSc, Lise wants to compare and contrast huge corporations and small businesses or start-ups. “I don’t know yet where I’ll go with my project, but I think it is paramount to gain a better understanding of both structures when you want to be an entrepreneur like me. The big picture is very important in a small company and learning the workings of bigger corporations is also very beneficial for my long term project.” Tomorrow’s global managers will indeed have to be adaptable and keen to learn new ways of doing business, and that’s what GGSB prepares them for.

Charles Cesar

Always on the move between countries and cities, Charles, one of the youngest on the second year of the Bachelors of International Business has high aspirations. The young Frenchman considers himself to be a passionate insider in this world bursting with new technology and has a keen perception of human relationships. During his 12-week internship, he discovered what running a five star property was like. At the heart of London’s rich history, Charles worked his way through this world-class property and experienced the hospitality business at its finest. He called this one-of-a-kind opportunity an “All-Access insider’s pass” which took him through several departments: from Human Resources, Purchasing and Events Planning to Marketing and Sales, amongst others. When asked where he sees himself upon graduation, he’s not too sure yet—a world of opportunities await: “I think this internship has been extremely beneficial to me in the sense that even though I’m not certain which field I will chose to work in in the future, this opportunity has given me an invaluable insight into the industry of luxury hospitality management, which I had not considered before. It is a very unusual, exciting and demanding field, where people strive to provide the best services with passion. And passion is what’s been driving me in every decision I’ve made so far in my life.”
Charles has not only started his professional curriculum at the top of his game, he has also been able to make the most of what GGSB had to offer on all levels. In this Esperanto of culture and languages, Charles started learning Chinese. Of French roots yet having lived in the United States and United Kingdom, Charles’ is now facing east. And when one asks him what he would do if he had to change perspective, the resourceful young guy has more than a string to his bow: “If I don’t get to go to China for my exchange semester next fall, I will improve my Spanish in Latin America. Why not Brazil, or Peru? I’m not afraid of change and challenges; having spent already so much of my life in different environments let alone countries, I see the exchange offered at GGSB as a unique opportunity and I will definitely take advantage of it!” Young students like Charles have tremendous potential: GGSB takes pride in educating the leaders of tomorrow in a multi-national environment offering them a global vision of business, cultures and methods. This year, Charles is studying in the heart of the French Alps and working on projects with peers from over a dozen different nationalities. “Student life in Grenoble is great. As I wasn’t born and bred here, I was at first a bit skeptical about the life outside of the classroom. But Grenoble has a lot to offer, from restaurants and museums to concerts and sport–especially important to me as a fan of rugby and ski! When I was younger, I was into rowing and I am now considering going back to it, as I’ve spotted nice rivers and lakes around the city.” The school, the city and even the region all create a very dynamic and nurturing environment for the students, offering them a life enhancing experience and at the same time building up a solid academic foundation for their future careers.