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BIB : Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Dear parents,
Your daughter/son will start higher education at Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM). Please find below helpful information regarding the rules and the functioning of GEM.

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Communication policy of GEM

If your daugher/son is 18 years old, s/he is considered a major by French law. Therefore, all communication will be made directly with her/him.
If your daughter/son is not yet 18 years old, GEM will communicate with her/him and her/his legal representative(s) until s/he turns 18. Please consult the specific procedure available from the Admissions department.

Class Attendance

Class attendance is compulsory. GEM’s teaching methods depend largely on the interaction and active participation of students in the classroom. Repeated absences can have serious consequences for the continuous assessment grade or for eligibility for being assessed for the respective module.

Work Load

The school year is divided in two semesters of 10/11 weeks each with an average of 15 – 20 hours of face-to-face class per week. In addition, students must read, work on group projects or presentations, write reports etc.

Resit exams and Resit modules and Resubmissions

If a student does not meet the minimum pass grade for a module due to an insufficient grade in the exam or continuous assessment, s/he will have the possibility to do a resit exam or a resubmission, depending on the situation. The resit/resubmission grade will become the grade of the module overall.
If the resit grade or resubmission grade is insufficient, the case of the student will be discussed in the Interim or Final Exam Board.
The Board members may decide that the student has to retake a module entirely with the following cohort.
The fees for retaking a 15-hour module are 400€. For a 30-hour module, they are 600€.

Information on the progression in the program

At the end of each academic year the students will be presented to an Interim Exam Board which will examine their results of the year. After this Board, students will have direct access to their transcripts as well as to the decisions of the Board.
No document will be passed on to a third party without the consent of the student (applicable for major students).

Internships at the end of the academic year

Students will do two compulsory internships at the end of the first and the second year (duration of internship : 8 weeks minimum, internship period: from May to beginning of September). A minimum of 21 weeks of internship or professional experience is necessary for graduation but a maximum of 8 months is possible during the complete duration of the program. Students should aim to do a maximum number of weeks.

All students have access to internship and job offers. They also benefit from Professional Development Workshops during the first year of the program, which prepare them for their job search, for writing their CV etc.

Our Career Centre offers specialized careers advice and presentations / workshops / forums / recruitment fairs.

Ultimately, finding an internship is the student’s responsibility. If you are a business professional, you can help your daughter/son find an internship thanks to your professional network.

Foreign languages on the program

Students on the French track of the program will follow intensive English classes in year 1 and 2 of the program minimum.
Students on the English track will have the choice between French, Spanish, Chinese and German. GEM reserves the right not to open a language group if there are not enough students registered for this group.


Every student will receive a list of textbooks before the start of term with the compulsory and recommended books.
Most books are available online and can be downloaded.
If a book must be bought, the student must do so for the start of the class.

Administrative registration and student card

Each student will receive his/her login and passwords from his/her program coordinator in order to register on GEM’s student platform.
All students must comply each year with the administrative formalities pertaining to the program intake in order to do their registration and to receive their student card. The student card will only be issued once the student has completed his/her administrative and accounts formalities on line (each student must provide information and supporting documents including proof of payment of the tuition fees).
It is the student’s responsibility to provide all necessary documents to his/her coordinator.


GEM does not offer accommodation in student residences on campus, but there are plenty of residences close to GEM.

Please make sure you organize accommodation before your daughter/son arrives in Grenoble.

The GEM housing platform can provide you with accommodation information and offers. International students should also consult the International Student Guide.
French students should consult this page.

School holidays

Please consult the academic calendar on the Bachelor in International Business (BIB) page.

Health problems and handicap

If your daugher/son is in a situation of handicap or in a medical situation which might necessitate specific accommodations for classes and/or exams, s/he must contact our Diversity and Handicap department to follow a special procedure. Medical certificates will be necessary for the start of the semester at the latest.

Your contact for tuition fees

Géraldine Faure-Lafaye

Reimbursement of tuition fees / Cancellation of registrations

Please read Conditions de remboursement .

Semester or year abroad – tuition fees

If a student goes abroad to a partner university, all tuition fees are covered in the framework of the exchange/study abroad. However, if the host university asks the student to pay additional registration or tuition fees, s/he may be reimbursed on presentation of the original invoice to the Center for International Affairs.
Costs of accommodation and living during the exchange/study abroad are not covered by Grenoble Ecole de Management.


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