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BIB : Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Your child is about to enter higher education, what does this mean?

If your son/daughter is over 18, s/he is considered by French law to be an adult. As a result, all communication from GEM will be directly sent to your child.

Grade transcripts will only be available via the school platform and will not be communicated to someone else without the student’s authorization.

If your child is under 18 years old, by French law we will communicate with his/her legal representative(s) until s/he reaches 18 years old, if s/he has requested that we do so.

Tuition fees/extra costs

Who do I contact for questions regarding payment of tuition fees?

Géraldine Faure-Lafaye

What is the school's refund policy? How to withdraw from a program?

Read our policy on the refund of tuition fees.

Is there an extra charge for the study abroad semester?

All tuition fees are paid for during the study abroad. However, if students are requested to pay an extra application fee or school fee at the host university, they can request to be reimbursed upon presentation of the original invoice.

Accommodation and food are not covered by Grenoble Ecole de Management.

When can students do a resit exam? What is the cost of a resit module?

If students fail a module due to a low exam grade, they will normally have a second chance to sit the exam.  

If the exam is failed a second time, it will be the Interim or Final Exam Board jury that will decide on the case. The Interim or Final Exam Board gets together at the end of June each year.

The Board may decide that a student has to redo a complete module with the following intake during the following academic year.

A 15-hour module costs 400€, a 30-hour module costs 600€.

Will my child be expected to buy books?

Yes, each student will receive a book list prior to the start of each semester with compulsory and recommended reading. Compulsory books must be purchased before the start of term.

Registration and student card

Students are required to comply with the administrative formalities at the start of term in order to enroll and receive a student card.

Each student will receive from their program coordinator a login and password to register online on the school platform.

Student cards will only be given out once all requested documents and information is provided (including accounting information).
It is your child's responsibility to provide their coordinator with all the necessary documents.

Program-related questions

Is class attendance compulsory?

Yes, attendance to classes is compulsory. Repeated absences can have serious consequences for the continuous assessment grade or for eligibility for being assessed for the respective module.

What will my child's workload be like?

The academic year is split into two semesters of 10/11 weeks each, with an approximate average of 15-20 hours of classroom-based learning per week.

Outside the classroom students are expected to pre-read, work on group projects/presentations/reports.

What about internships?

Your child will have to do compulsory internships at the end of year 1 and at the end of year 2 (up to 4 months each, from May to August). A minimum of 21 weeks of validated internships is necessary for graduation.

Does the school provide internships?

All students have access to the GEM careers platform which provides internship and job offers. They also benefit from careers development workshops in the first year of studies, which prepare them for job seeking, CVs etc.

GEM's dedicated Career Center also provides specialized careers advice and presentations/open days/forums/recruitment fairs.

However, ultimately the responsibility of finding an internship lies with the student. As professionals you may also wish to help your child through your own professional network.

How will I know about my child's progress within the program?

At the end of each academic year, students will be presented to an Interim Exam Board which will examine their results.

After the exam board your child will have direct access to his/her transcripts online as well as to any decision taken by the Board regarding his/her studies.

Which languages will my child study?

For the French track, English classes are compulsory (in years 1 and 2 minimum).

For the English track, students will have the choice between French, Spanish, Chinese, and German. The school will not open a language class if a minimum number of students is not reached.

Administrative Issues

Where will my child be able to live?

GEM does not provide on-campus accommodation for students; however there are many residences within the vicinity of the school.

You and your child will need to organize accommodation well in advance of his/her arrival in the Campus.

The GEM housing platform can provide you with accommodation information and offers. International students should also consult: the International Student Guide and French students should consult this page.

What are the school holiday dates?

Please consult the academic calendar on the BIB website.

Health Issues

Students in any situation of handicap or in a medical situation which might necessitate special arrangements, must get in touch with a special department at GEM to follow an official procedure. Medical certificates must be provided at the start of term at the latest.

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