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Bachelor in International Business (BIB)

1, 2 or 3 years. September to June

Start of program: September 2023
I have an International Baccalaureate: Online Application Deadlines
I have a French Baccalauréat: Parcoursup Deadlines

Grenoble Campus. Courses are taught entirely in English

€11,550 Year 1&2 / €11,950 Year 3, Sept 2023 intake (admin fees, student services and books included). No additional charge for the exchange semester

International High School Diploma, Baccalauréat, IB diploma or equivalent. 
60 ECTS per academic year or equivalent for direct entry into year 2 or 3. 
English proficiency (more details in the "Admission" section)


Bachelor (180 ECTS). (French : Bachelor in International Business / Bachelor en Sciences du Management Chargé d’affaires internationales - Titre RNCP de niveau 6 - Fiche 36265). Diplôme avec Grade de Licence, Visé par le Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur, de la Recherche et de l'Innovation. Equivalent to Bac+3

3rd Best Bachelors program in France
January 2023 Le Figaro ranking

Exchange students should consult our exchange programs page for further details. 

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to launch an international career

The mission of the BIB program is to provide students with a broad introduction to management, international business, foreign cultures and foreign languages which will allow them to work in a diverse environment or pursue further graduate management studies.

This Bachelor in International Business offers the opportunity to study a bachelor degree entirely in English at a triple-accredited school. Highly international, this program has been created for students wishing to develop international business skills and knowledge.

The program is open both to international and French students. Students planning a career abroad should definitely consider joining the program. Our aim is to encourage students to develop the skills and motivation to assume high-level responsibilities in dynamic companies operating internationally, in functions as varied as marketing, management, sales and export.

Skills Acquired:

  • •     Understand the competitive positioning and strategies of international companies.
    •     Determine a marketing and sales action plan.
    •     Participate in negotiations with internal and external customers and partners.
    •     Master data analysis.
    •     Deploy project management methods and tools.
    •     Be capable of analysing the financial situation of a company.
    •     Implement and follow key performance indicators.
    •     Manage and motivate an international team by setting SMART objectives.
    •     Be able to communicate fluently in at least one foreign language.

    (Find the details of the skills targeted by this program on France Compétences by looking for the sheet n° 36265)

Our Strengths

  • International focus:
    Study in a group of 60+ different nationalities, while being taught by international faculty. Gain additional exposure by spending a semester or year abroad, with a choice of over 20 partner campuses. Study in English while learning French and being immersed in the French culture.

    Study in a top business school:
    Grenoble Ecole de Management is a triple-accredited institution (AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS) and is a pioneer in the management of technology and multicultural management.

    Diploma certified by the French state:
    The Bachelor in International Business program has official recognition by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. International students residing permanently in France can apply for French State higher education scholarships (CROUS).

    Accelerate your career by choosing a specialized major:
    Third year students have the opportunity to choose one of our six majors.

  • A combination of theoretical and practical learning:
    Get the perfect combination between theoretical and practical management learning and gain up to 9 months of work experience through two internships.

    Innovative teaching methods:
    Get the advantage of studying in smaller classes with highly interactive teaching methods following the GEM Learning Model.

    Personal and professional development:
    Students have the opportunity to attend personal and professional development workshops as well as individual counselling to help them boost their employability and reach career goals.

  • “Right from the first day and the moment you walk into the classroom, you will feel the sensation of entering a whole new world of global business. Inspired by international faculty from both the academic and professional fields and by joining a multicultural student body made up of 60-70 different nationalities, you will immediately start to learn how to act like future professionals. Through innovative teaching methods and within small groups, you will be taught how to develop your hard and soft skills and how to thrive and adapt to the ever-changing world of international management” - Nancy Locatelli
Interview with Nancy Locatelli, Program Director, on Campus Channel - November, 2020
Program content applies to Year 1 & Year 2 - 2023 Intake is subject to change. Year 3 Transfer students, please see links below.

Year 1: Business Essentials

The program may be subject to change.

  • •    Effective Communication
    •    Information Technology Skills
    •    Intercultural Business Skills
    •    Micro Economics and Market Structures
    •    Quantitative Methods
    •    Project Management 1
    •    Personal and Professional Development
    •    Foreign Language

  • •    Introduction to Business Law
    •    Introduction to Accounting
    •    Introduction to Work Psychology
    •    Digital Business
    •    Principles of Marketing
    •    Foreign Language
    •    Work experience

Year 2: Management Functions

The program may be subject to change.

  • •    Managerial and Financial Accounting
    •    Organizational Behaviour
    •    International Macro Economics
    •    Introduction to Technology Management
    •    Operations and Supply Chain Management
    •    Sales Techniques
    •    Project Management 2
    •    Foreign Language

  • •    Human Resources and Team Management
    •    Consumer Behavior for Market Research 
    •    Corporate Finance
    •    Introduction to Negotiation
    •    Entrepreneurship
    •    Leadership and Followership 
    •    Foreign Language
    •    Work experience

At the end of Year 1 and 2, students are required to do an internship which can be in France or abroad (see Employability tab for additional details). Students complete up to 9 months work experience through their internships.

Year 3: International Focus and Major

The program may be subject to change.

  • •    International Perspectives in Marketing
    •    Global Strategy
    •    Social Responsibility in International Business
    •    Innovation Management
    •    Geopolitics
    •    Foreign Language

    Students may spend the fall semester of the 3rd year studying Hospitality and Tourism at CETT-UB in Barcelona. 

    Modules available at CETT Barcelona include, but are not limited to:
    •    Tourism Marketing
    •    Smart Tourism
    •    Strategic Planning in Hospitality
    •    Hospitality Management

  • Students choose one major; certain prerequisites may be necessary. The opening of majors is subject to student numbers.

    Global Management

    •    International Finance
    •    European Business Environment
    •    Contemporary International Issues
    •    Business Development in Emerging Economies
    •    International Business Law
    •    Foreign Language
    •    Research methods module and Bachelor's Dissertation*

    Finance and Accounting

    •    International Finance
    •    Financial Markets and Instruments
    •    Financial Statement Analysis
    •    Budgeting and Reporting
    •    International Business Law
    •    Foreign Language
    •    Research methods module and Bachelor's Dissertation*

    Marketing and Advertising

    •    International Advertising and Public Relations
    •    Brand Management
    •    Digital Marketing
    •    Sport Marketing and Events Management
    •    Sustainable Marketing
    •    Foreign Language
    •    Research methods module and Bachelor's Dissertation*


    •    Entrepreneurial Opportunities
    •    Business Planning
    •    Entrepreneurial Finance
    •    Entrepreneurship in Hi-Tech Sector
    •    Sustainable and Social Entrepreneurship
    •    Foreign Language
    •    Research module and Bachelor's Dissertation*

    Management of Fashion and Design Industry

    •    Fashion Management
    •    Brand Management
    •    Sustainable Development 
    •    Design Management
    •    Legal Context of Fashion and Design Industry
    •    Retail Management
    •    Foreign Language
    •    Research methods module and Bachelor's Dissertation*

    Hospitality and Tourism (in Fall Semester)

    Students also have the option to spend fall semester of the 3rd year studying Hospitality and Tourism at CETT in Barcelona.
    •    Tourism Marketing
    •    Smart Tourism
    •    Strategic Planning in Hospitality
    •    Hospitality Management

Research methods module and Bachelor's Dissertation*

The final module marks the end of the Bachelor program by drawing on different elements of several core modules from an international business perspective. The students will complete a Bachelor's Dissertation on a subject of their choice linked to their studies.

You have the possibility to follow a one semester program, to know more, please consult the Undergraduate Certificates page.

Pedagogy & Evaluation

  • Pedagogy

    Typically, students are assigned 15-18 hours of interactive face to face teaching per week and are expected to work 30 hours outside the classroom. This includes pre-reading and preparation for class, homework and group/individual assessments. In groups of 3-5, students work on presentations, essays and projects in order to learn about the current challenges and decisions facing managers and business leaders today. International student work groups meet on a frequent basis.


    Verification of skills and competences acquired through continuous assessment, exams, role plays, and professional experiences. The final evaluation is done via the specialization and individual Bachelor Dissertation in year 3.


    In the event of a partial validation of a professional certification, the blocks of competencies that have been validated are considered acquired and a certificate of validation is provided. Students also validate ECTS credits each year that they can claim. Admission into 2nd year possible with 60 ECTS credits and into 3rd year with 120 ECTS credits.

Study Abroad

During the program, students can study abroad at one of our 20+ partner institutions. Academic conditions apply. (list subject to change).


Classes are taught by GEM faculty, visiting professors from top universities worldwide, and inspiring business professionals. The permanent faculty are engaged in applied research; their teaching links theory to practice through business cases. Their diverse cultural and international background adds to the strong international dimension of the program. All faculty


French Ministry of Higher Education, Research & Innovation Recognition, VISA Bac + 3, Level 6 - EQF

  • Higher education in France is divided between Grandes Ecoles and public universities. GEM is a Grande Ecole which is recognised and accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) and as such has degree awarding powers. The CGE is an official association which encompasses the Grandes Ecoles, engineering schools, architecture, design and public administration institutions which are recognized by the French state. 

    The Grande Ecoles are widely recognized by industry in France and GEM is amongst the top 10 business schools in the leading French rankings (le Point, le Figaro Etudiant, …), holding 8th place in 2022.

    GEM also holds triple accreditation by EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. These three accreditations are international recognitions of the quality of the organization, its programs and the degrees it delivers.

    Graduates of the BIB are awarded the Bachelor in International Business as well as the “Bachelor en sciences du management - Chargé d’Affaires Internationales”. Bachelor's degree (grade de Licence), equivalent to Bac+3. More details on France Compétences website, sheet n° 36265. This provides international recognition from the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. 


“The unique nature of GEM's BIB program is due to its diverse student and faculty bodies, as well as a team-based learning environment. I appreciated the constant exposure to different schools of thought which dares students to think outside the box. Professors encourage discussions that question the status quo and help in building both hard and soft skills needed to drive International Business forward. The curriculum bridges the gap between classroom learnings and real-life applications, which provides an ideal foundation for entering the job market.” - Anuschka Ried, Bachelor in International Business 2020 Graduate, Program Management Assistant at Fluence


Listen what Dylan Ciaccio, a third-year BIB student has to say about his student experience at GEM!

More testimonials from BIB graduates. 

Employment Statistics*

Employment within 4 months: 88%
Jobs with international projects: 69%
Annual salary after graduation: <30k€: 50% | >30k€: 50%

*Based on 2021 graduates

See satisfaction and graduation rates.

Further studies are possible for Bachelor in International Business graduates, for example, in one of the MScs or the Master in Management Program (Grande Ecole Program).

  • •  Sales Financial Management
    •  Marketing Management (Customer Relation Manager, Junior Product Manager, Trade Marketing, Trade Marketing Manager...)
    •  International Business Management
    •  Human Resources
    •  Logistics Management or International Trade (Export Assistant, Trade Marketing Manager, International Purchaser...)

  • •  Le Bon Marché, DHL, Décathlon, Siemens Energy, Ernst & Young, Foncia, Elior, AS Monaco Football Club, Tribu Box, Société Générale, Emma - The sleep company, Inria, CERN - European Center for Nuclear Research, Hermès Sellier, Business France, Procter & Gamble, Siemens Mobility, Unilever, Opel, Schneider Electric.

Year 1

Students holding a high school diploma, Baccalauréat, International Baccalaureate (IB), ‘A’ levels or equivalent are eligible to apply for this program. The admissions board is looking for dynamic students with excellent academic results, strong motivation and the ability to work with an international team.

Year 2 & Year 3 Transfer Students

  • Students who have validated a total of 60 ECTS credits (of which 45 in business related subjects) at an approved institution may apply for direct entry to Year 2. Students entering Year 2 must also have completed an internship of 2 months minimum before the start of the BIB program and will be required to complete a further 13 weeks minimum at the end of Year 2. 

  • Students who have validated 120 ECTS credits (of which 90 in business related subjects) at an approved institution may apply for direct entry to Year 3. Students entering Year 3 must prove 5 months minimum of professionnal experience (internship or similar) before joining the BIB program. There is no internship period in Year 3.

    Please note that certain prerequisites are required depending on your choice of major:

    • •    Global Management: Corporate Finance or Finance Fundamentals
    • •    Marketing and Advertising: Principles of Marketing and International Marketing
    • •    Finance and Accounting: Corporate Finance or Finance Fundamentals and Financial Accounting
    • •    Management of Fashion and Design Industry: Principles of Marketing and International Marketing
    • •    Entrepreneurship: Corporate Finance or Finance Fundamentals and Entrepreneurship
We recognize that COVID-19 has likely created difficulties in completing the admissions requirements. Our team is available to assist with these logistical uncertainties. Please contact us with any questions.

• Candidates applying to the first year of the program Bachelor en Sciences du Management Chargé d’affaires internationales / Bachelor in International Business with a Baccalauréat français or Baccalauréat européen, whatever the nationality, must register via Parcoursup.
• More information here: Découvrir les étapes de Parcoursup. 

• Candidates holding a high school diploma, International Baccalaureate (IB), A-levels or equivalent are asked to select the "Bachelor in International Business" application form on our admission platform.

• Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please consult our rolling application deadlines.

• Please note that it is possible to submit your application prior to providing us with your test results and/or your final academic results/high school diploma.

•  If the rest of your application meets our standards we can then make you a conditional offer of a place on the program. These conditions will be lifted once you have obtained and sent us the required documentation.

    • • High school diploma, IB diploma (minimum 27 points), Baccalauréat, minimum of three “A” levels or equivalent.
    • • High school transcripts for the last 3 years of studies (front / back with scale): certified copies of all documents must be sent by email directly from the school - for Year 1
    • • University transcripts (front / back with scale) - for Year 2 and 3
    • • CV/Resume
    • • 3 short essays (relating to your academic/professional experience, your reasons for choosing this program and your intercultural awareness)
    • • 2 academic references. Family members or friends are not acceptable as referees
    • • Scan of passport
    • • Internationally recognized passport picture
    • • Fluency in English:
      • • TOEFL IBT: 90/120 with a minimum of 21 in each band. TOEFL Institution code: 8973
      • • IELTS Academic/IELTS Indicator: 6.5 (minimum of 6.0 in all bands)
      • • Cambridge English (Proficiency/Advanced/Business Higher) level C1: Grade A,B or C
      • • Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE-A) Offline/Online: 63 (minimum of 59 in all bands)
      • • Duolingo English Test: 110 (minimum of 90 in all bands)
      • • Not accepted: TOEIC, Institutional/ITP TOEFL, Cambridge English First (FCE).
      • English test waiver may be granted for I.B students or students who have studied over 3 years fully in English (proof required).
      • • Please note: English test scores must be communicated to GEM by the beginning of July for September programs.
    • To ensure GEM is the right fit for you, you may be asked to participate in an interview. You will be notified if an interview is necessary after the Admission Board meets.

Student Program Fees - September 2023 Intake

Full tuition fees (2023-2025)
Year 1 (Sept 2023): 11 550 Euros
Year 2 (Sept 2024): 11 550 Euros
Year 3 (Sept 2025): 11 950 Euros

Direct entry into
Year 2 (Sept 2023): 11 550 Euros
Year 3 (Sept 2023): 11 950 Euros

Fees cover:

• Tuition and administrative fees, internship supervision, student services and access to all facilities.
• Program fees do not cover accommodation, meals, insurance, visa, travel and personal expenses.

    Fees are subject to change. Please verify program fees each year before commencement.

    Please read the policy concerning the refund of tuition fees.

    Financial Aid / Scholarships

    • GEM offers a dedicated online platform - The Funding Place  - to help you find financing solutions, simulate a student loan and understand everything about student loans.
    • We advise students to research financial aid opportunities as early as possible. Please note that it is necessary to submit your application and secure a place on a program first, before applying for scholarships and visas. 

    Scholarship descriptions and application guidelines.


    • All academic qualifications, including those earned at GEM, are recognized at the discretion of each country or university. Students seeking admission to a further course of study or who wish to work in specific country after their GEM program may need to have their GEM degree certified through a process specified by the receiving authority. 

    International students

    • Visa requirements may apply to International Students in order to study or work in France. All international students are expected to verify requirements with their local French consulate and plan accordingly. Grenoble Ecole de Management has no influence over this process.

    For more information, please download our International Student Guide

    Student Guide

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