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Agnes Muir-Poulle


Associate Professor to department People, Organizations and Society
Diplômes d'études supérieures spécialisées, CELSA Paris Sorbonne

Areas of expertise

  • Personal and Managerial Development
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Management and Creativity
  • Mindfulness
A graduate of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Grenoble and a postgraduate on communications and human resources at CELSA - Paris Sorbonne, Agnes Poulle Muir has 20 years of experience in the trades council and the training of managers. She joined Alaïka in 1995 as a team coach and Grenoble School of Management as an associate professor in 2002. Particulars of her profile: 5 years experience as a manager and manager of a team of 10 persons; 13 years of experience for the group EADS Aerospatiale-as a special assistant to the General Delegation Human Resources and the Institute of Management Group; accompaniment of operational management teams and the training of managers of companies such as Carrefour, Thales, Peugeot, Somfy International, SOITEC, Bouygues, Alstom , Pechiney, Glaxo, EuroDisney, Sofradir, Roche Diagnostics, CNRS… Additional training with knowledge of the personalities (MBTI, Success Insight) and pedagogy of mental management, mindfulness and Non Violent Communication. She is also involved in training of teachers inside Grenoble Ecole de Management.
    • Leadership, Group and Team Dynamics
    • Project Management in Action - Licence
    • Nouveaux comportements, personnalité et performance du manager
    • Développement professionnel - Formation Continue
    • Développement professionnel - Formation Continue
    • Intelligence et compétences émotionnelles - Formation Continue
    • Accompagnement au travail de réflexivité - Formation Continue
    • Consultancy Selling - Licence
    • Comportements au travail et Risques Psycho-sociaux - Licence
    • Gestion de Conflits - Licence
    • Efficacité Individuelle et Affirmation de soi et Argumentation - Formation Continue