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Ana Sofia Landazuri Cruz : Student experience


"Don’t forget your sports gear, you’ll need it!"

My experience in Grenoble was extraordinary. The landscapes of the surroundings are breath taking. The nature scenery is spectacular and changes so drastically during the different seasons.

I really enjoyed going up the mountains to hike and climb during the Spring and to ski during the Winter. Every adventure brought many surprises! The moments I treasure the most were those spent in the wooden cabins with my friends in the French Alps.

Grenoble is a great location because there are so many places to discover only some hours away. I mostly liked visiting the lakes in the area, like the lake in Geneva that’s half French and half Swiss and swimming in the Lake of Annecy.

I feel very happy to have found friends that enjoyed nature as much I as did. The school was a very international multicultural melting pot that allowed me to make many friends from all over the World.

I would advise you not to forget your sports gear and sports clothing because you will use it a lot!


Updated on 23 February 2015 at 1h48 pm