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Advanced Master in Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Management

Program duration
15 months. Course format alternates classroom study with work experience.
Degree level
Equivalent Europe L7. Label granted by the French Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. Also conferring the title of "Manager d’affaires de la filière biotechnologie/biopharmacie" registered in the French Professional Certificates Index (RNCP) under n°14625.
Entry requirements
Master’s degree or Doctorate, Bachelor’s degree (with a minimum of 3 years of professional experience)
Full program fees
€ 16,900
Teaching location
Espace Moncassin 164, rue de Javel 75739 Paris

All courses are taught in English

Graduates with degrees in pharmacology and the life sciences are finding a challenging and changing landscape when it comes to their careers. Companies are increasingly searching for people who are not only strong technically, but can also understand, lead, and manage, different business functions. This requires a broad skillset and a practical mentality, which is becoming harder and harder to find.

The people who enter this program come with a scientific background and already have completed advanced degrees (PhD, PharmD and MSc in biological and chemical sciences). This program allows the participants to develop real-world business skills, develop professional networks, and exchange with senior business professionals who have deep industry experience.

Program objectives

  • To master and understand how the forces driving science, technology, and business interact in the real world to influence decisions.
  • To enable graduates to gain practical knowledge and skills in biotechnology management to become more valuable to employers, enhance their career prospects, and develop their core competencies.
  • To train a highly qualified managerial staff capable of analyzing and appreciating the relationships between technology and productivity along the value chain of the organization.
  • To develop key analytical thought processes to not just understand the complexities of current situations and challenges, but also how to apply those results in unfamiliar and new circumstances, regardless of what the future may bring.
  • As participants in the program come from around the globe, it is essential to learn how to work in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural setting where English is the primary language. 

Grenoble Ecole de Management has built its reputation through the education of the world’s most creative, talented and ambitious individuals for the nano / biotechnology and high technology industries.

Mark Chanel, Program Director
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Grenoble Ecole de Management has been offering the Advanced Master in Biotechnology Management since 2002. Since its inception, the school has offered an industry-focused program that truly is interdisciplinary in nature.

The program was designed to respond to the growing need in the biotechnology industry for professionals who are trained in management and decision making.

The curriculum includes essential skills for the successful manager and focuses on the body of knowledge that is unique to the business decisions that exist in the life-science industry.

Students will develop not only the skills they need to effectively manage in technologically complex workplaces, but also the vision to becoming leaders in their fields.

The program prepares future leaders by equipping them with skills such as:

  • Analyzing financial performance and preparing reporting packages.
  • Evaluating business decisions and investment opportunities including new product investments.
  • Conducting market research and analysis including brand recognition and technology trends.
  • Determining marketing strategy ; analyzing market needs and identifying new market segments.
  • Preparing in-depth analysis of potential business development opportunities.
  • Managing multi-disciplinary projects in a multi-cultural environment in high-tech industries.

Given as indicative program. Non-contractual document

Real case innovative project

In teams, the program participants work on a real-world innovative project designed to highlight the current challenges and decisions facing managers and business leaders.

They undertake a feasibility study and market analysis of a subject matter for a period of 6 months. They develop industry contacts and make full use of professional networking opportunities to learn more about their chosen projects. The objective of the simulation is to underscore the relationships among the business functions as well as develop an appreciation of the complexities and challenges of strategic management.

Graduates will be able to analyze and appreciate the relationships between technology and productivity as well as business opportunities along the value chain of the organization within a context of dynamic and uncertain environment.

They should be prepared to challenge the conventional assumptions and paradigms while actively seeking new technologies and strategies to strengthen the value creating and competitive processes within their organizations.

Employment Statistics (2017 graduates)

Employment within 2 months : 88%
Jobs with international projects: 100%
Annual salary with bonus after graduation: < 30k€ : 9% | 30k€-42k€ : 73% | >42k€ : 18%

Graduates of this program are qualified for a wide range of positions with scientific research firms and pharmaceutical companies.

They can advance an existing career or transition to new opportunities in the life science industry. Entrepreneurial and management-level positions are available to Advanced Master’s degree holders, such as:

  • Product and Marketing Manager
  • R&D Project Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Intellectual Property Consultant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Investor Relations Manager
  • Life Sciences Consultant
  • Entrepreneur

This program accommodates individuals with both technical (MSc, PharmD, PhD) and non technical Bachelor’s degrees (with a minimum of 3 years of professional experience) who are seeking graduate education to advance into managerial and leadership roles in the life science-based economy. It is also designed for or entrepreneurs willing to develop and manage technological and business opportunities.

To apply for this program, candidates must complete and send the downloadable application and include scanned copies of all original supporting documents (in English, or certified translation if in another language):

  • Diploma (Bachelor-Level + 3 years of professional experience)
  • PharmD, MSc and PhDs with no prior work experience
  • University Transcripts (front / back with scale): certified copies of all documents must be sent by regular mail directly
  • CV / Résumé
  • Copy of TOEIC score report

Validation date for the online application file in order to apply to the corresponding recruitment session

Recruitment Sessions

15/01/2019      12 a.m. 29/01/2019
12/03/2019      12 a.m. 27/03/2019
30/04/2019      12 a.m. 14/05/2019
25/06/2019      12 a.m. 10/07/2019
03/09/2019      12 a.m. 10/09/2019

Admission is subject to the number of available places. The number of participants will be limited and students will be admitted on a first come, first served basis.

To ensure that this program is the right fit for you, candidates are required to participate in an interview. You will be notified for one of the scheduled interview sessions between January and June.


16,900 Euros