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Advanced Master in Biomedical Management

The program is given in two different rhythms, with the same classes.
Part-Time Option: Alternating Work / Academic Study format - 15 months.
Full-Time Option: Academic Studies followed by a full-time internship - 12 months.

Paris Campus

September 2024 - Intake part-time option
September 2024 - Intake full-time option

All courses are taught in English.

* Contact Recruitment Officer for details.

Master’s degree or Doctorate, Bachelor’s degree (with a minimum of 3 years of professional experience). The admission committee can waive these requirements on a case-by-case basis in special circumstances*.

Label "Responsable du développement d’affaires biomédicales" granted by the French Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. Advanced Master (Mastère Spécialisé). Certification curently under review for renewal.

€ 17,900 net of taxes, Part-Time Option
€ 18,900 net of taxes, Full-Time Option

Graduates with degrees in pharmacology, medicine, engineering, and the life sciences are finding a challenging and changing landscape when it comes to their careers. Companies are increasingly searching for people who are not only strong technically, but can also understand, lead, and manage different business functions. This requires a broad skillset and a practical mentality, which is becoming harder and harder to find.

The people who enter this program come with a scientific background and have already completed advanced degrees (PhD, PharmD, MD and MSc in biological and chemical sciences). This program allows the participants to develop real-world business skills, develop professional networks, and exchange with senior business professionals who have deep industry experience.

Participants' objectives

  • To master and understand how the forces driving science, technology, and business interact in the real world to influence decisions.
  • To gain practical knowledge and skills in biotechnology management to become more valuable to employers, enhance their career prospects, and develop their core competencies.
  • To become highly qualified managers capable of analyzing and appreciating the relationships between technology and productivity along the value chain of the organization.
  • To develop key analytical thought processes to not just understand the complexities of current situations and challenges, but also how to apply those results in unfamiliar and new circumstances, regardless of what the future may bring.
  • As participants in the program come from around the globe, it is essential to learn how to work in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural setting where English is the primary language.

Grenoble Ecole de Management has built its reputation through the education of the world’s most creative, talented and ambitious individuals for the nano / biotechnology and high technology industries.

Interview of Rima Chatila, Program Director, on Campus Channel

The program runs since 2002, and since 2009 100% of the classes have been given in English. Since its inception, the school has offered an industry-focused program that is truly interdisciplinary in nature. We designed our curriculum and course offerings by talking to managers and directors in the life sciences industry to determine the skills needed for the future careers of our students.

We believe in a generalist education approach where students take a broad range of different courses to ensure that they are well rounded and have all the skills necessary for the future. This approach allows participants to have a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving inside a business, which gives them a perspective that is very much in demand. A generalist, with an understanding of the interactions and issues between different business functions, will often see deeper and find solutions that a specialist might not be able to see.   

Targeted Skills

Defining the biomedical business development strategy
Designing and developing strategic biomedical partnerships
Optimizing the financial performance of a biomedical project
Managing a multidisciplinary and multicultural biomedical project

Evaluation and Validation

Evaluation : Verification of skills and competences acquired through continuous assessment, exams, assignments and reports on real-world case studies.
Certification: Defence of a professional thesis before a jury.

Program format

OPTION 1 - Alternating Work / Academic Study
Duration: 15 months (September 2024 – December 2025)

The work / study schedule is provided by the school. This allows the student to gain valuable real-world work experience, while simultaneously using and applying what they learn in the classroom. The types of positions available will vary upon the needs of the companies and change each year.

    • Junior Product Manager, Market Access Trainee, Project Manager, Global Strategy Assistant, Competitive Intelligence Analyst, etc.
    • Pfizer, Sanofi, Medtronic, BioMérieux, Servier, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, Roche, GSK, AbbVie, etc.

OPTION 2 -Academic Studies followed by a full-time internship
Duration: 12 months (September 2024 – March 2025 followed by an internship)

This format is open to all students who meet the eligibility requirements of the program, regardless of nationality. With this format, students take classes full-time from September – March, and then do a full-time internship where they can apply what they have learned in the classroom.

The advantage of this format is that it allows the participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the different positions and departments available inside a company before choosing the one best suited for their future careers.  In addition, many companies take great care in selecting their interns since they view this as an opportunity to observe a candidate in action before hiring them.

Moreover, as a student in France, your internship can often be performed anywhere in the Schengen Zone, or in the world (provided you have a valid work permit for your country of choice).

Program content

  • All courses are taught in English*. The courses below were scheduled for the class of 2023 :

    • Human Resources - Managing and Working in International Teams
    • Accounting
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Regulatory Affairs
    • Corporate Strategy
    • Supply Chain
    • Corporate Finance and Investment Decisions
    • Management of Technology and Innovation
    • Market Access
    • Health Economics
    • Capital Markets and the Biomedical Sector
    • Business Development in Biomedical Sector
    • Entrepreneurial Finance
    • Biomedical Marketing
    • Project Management

    *Given as indicative of the program. Non-contractual document

  • In teams of three, the program participants work on a real-world innovative project. Many projects are sponsored by Alumni of the program, or real companies operating in the medical device/biomedical industry, and they can highlight the current challenges and decisions facing managers and business leaders.
    The subject matter of the projects will vary and often the participants will have the opportunity to choose amongst the projects presented. Usually the participants will work on a feasibility study and market analysis of a subject matter for a period of several months. They develop industry contacts and make full use of professional networking opportunities to learn more about their chosen projects. The objective of the simulation is to underscore the relationships among the business functions as well as develop an appreciation of the complexities and challenges of strategic management.
    Graduates will be able to analyze and appreciate the relationships between technology and productivity as well as business opportunities along the value chain of the organization within the context of a dynamic and uncertain environment. They should be prepared to challenge the conventional assumptions and paradigms while actively seeking new technologies and strategies to strengthen the value creating and competitive processes within their organizations.

  • The professional thesis is the last step towards graduating.  It is not an internship report, nor a PhD dissertation.  Instead, it allows the participant the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of a business competency, while working with primary data, to make concrete business recommendations on a subject of their choosing. While an academic requirement, its real purpose is to help the candidate secure their next position in the professional world by giving them an area of expertise.

Class profile

The educational background of our classes will vary from year to year. However, what does not vary is that our participants have diverse backgrounds and skillsets, where no single group dominates the class.  We believe this creates a more stimulating learning environment (especially during group projects) and simulates the real-world environment that participants will shortly find themselves in as they start to work in multinational corporations.

The international background of our classes will also vary from year to year. As our classes are given 100% in English, we usually have a certain number of participants who do not speak any French when they arrive. This forces everyone to use English as their de facto working language and allows participants to improve their already formidable English language skills to become truly fluent and master the language.

  • MS Bio class profiles 2022-2023

Employment Statistics (class of 2020)

Rate of graduates on permanent contracts: 60%
Rate of graduates working in France: 95%
Annual salary with bonus after graduation: < 35k€ : 6% | 35k€-45k€ : 38% | >45k€ : 56%

The graduation rate and CFA key figures are available via the application platform and also from the Recruitment Officer upon request.

Based on an employment survey from the graduates of the class of 2020, the average annual salary for all of our students is 50,500€, with roughly 20% of the class taking a position outside of France such as Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, etc. The average annual salary for our students who took positions in France was 49,830€. (survey, alumni 2020). 
The satisfaction and graduation rates are available via the application platform and also from the Recruitment Officer upon request.

Graduates of this program are qualified for a wide range of positions with scientific research firms, medical device companies, and pharmaceutical companies. They can advance an existing career or transition to new opportunities in the life sciences industry. While not an exhaustive list, below are the titles and companies that the class of 2021 took upon graduating:


    • Associate Product Marketing Manager
    • Brand Manager
    • Business Development Manager
    • Business intelligence and Strategic Projects Associate
    • Consultant in Strategy or in Health Management
    • Corporate Strategic Intelligence Manager
    • Equity Research Analyst
    • Global Field Based Medical Excellence Associate
    • Global Medical Product Manager
    • Innovation Project Manager
    • Junior Product Manager
    • Marketing Analyst
    • Marketing Manager
    • Medical Manager
    • Product Manager
    • Product Owner
    • Quality Assurance Specialist
    • Sales Force Effectiveness / Digital Marketing Associate
    • Sales Representative
    • Strategy Analyst & Associate Chief of Staff
    • Strategy Associate Consultant
    • Supervisor – Vaccine Formulation



    • Agap2
    • Azelis France
    • BD
    • BioMérieux
    • BPI France
    • CareOS
    • Cerba Xpert
    • Genethon
    • GSK
    • Inospin
    • IPRAD
    • IPSEN
    • MaSTherCell
    • MSD
    • Pfizer
    • Portzamparc Société de Bourse - Groupe BNP
    • PPRS Research
    • Quadrant Healthcare Consulting
    • Roche Diagnostics
    • Sanofi
    • Sanofi Genzyme
    • Sanofi Pasteur
    • Servier


Bichai Yin, Senior Strategy Consultant at Cepton gives her testimonial

This program accommodates individuals with both technical (MSc, PharmD, PhD, Engineer) and non technical Bachelor’s degrees (with a minimum of 3 years of professional experience) who are seeking graduate education to advance into managerial and leadership roles in the life science-based economy. It is also designed for or entrepreneurs willing to develop and manage technological and business opportunities.

To apply for this program, candidates must complete the online application and include scanned copies of all original supporting documents in English or French (with translated copies if in another language). This program is open to the following profiles:

  • Master Degree or more in Science, Engineering or Management (5 years of university-level coursework) PharmD, MSc and PhDs with no prior work experience
  • Diploma Bachelor-Level + 3 years of professional experience
  • Working professionals who have already obtained the above credentials, but who wish to re-orientate their careers to include business training.

All other applications would be accepted at the discretion of the admissions committee. Please contact the Recruitment Officer for more details.

  • To apply for this program, candidates must complete the online application opening on January 2024. Recruitment sessions are organized all year long between January and August 2024. Admission is subject to the number of available places. The number of participants will be limited, and students will be admitted on a first come, first served basis. We highly recommend that all candidates apply early to reserve their position. This is especially true if you are pursuing the Alternating Work / Academic Study format of the program as early admission will give you more time to find a position that matches your long-term career goals.

    To ensure that this program is the right fit for you, candidates are required to participate in an interview with the Program Director, or other members of the admission committee. In addition, it is possible that an interview with a member of our Alumni network may be scheduled, depending upon availability. This interview will allow the Alumni to give their opinion of the student’s candidacy, and that opinion will then be shared with the admission committee. Therefore, candidates are advised to treat the Alumni interview with respect as it can be an important factor in the admission process. The above notwithstanding, the Alumni interview also allows the student to ask questions about the program and gain the perspective of a former student.

    General terms

International Students

Visa requirements may apply to International Students in order to study or work in the country. All international students are expected to verify requirements with their local French consulate and plan accordingly. Grenoble Ecole de Management has no influence over this process. For more information, please download the relevant student guide.

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