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Accounting & Auditing

Managerial Accounting

Here the focus is on the manager and how accounting information is used for key processes such as planning, control or audit, and informed decision-making.  Internal decision-making requires analysis and an understanding of where and how value is added.  Analytical technique enables the manager to consider different scenarios through forecasting on the basis of current data, as well as looking at past results to understand factors leading to success or failure.

International Financial Accounting

An introduction to accounting and financial reporting in a multinational environment. The module will consider the analysis of accounts and of financial data from the perspective of the user (the manager and the investor) rather than of the preparer (the accountant).  There is a focus on the international dimension of financial reporting.


This module brings in a focus on the specific nature of auditing, closely linked to the accounting profession.  Following the series of high-profile crises notably but not exclusively in US corporations, auditing has become a controversial and indeed much criticized field of activity.  The profession has responded to these challenges and so evolved in a number of ways.  The question of ethics and professional conduct in financial management is a key part of this.  Auditing in the complex environment of multinational activity will be explored.  Audit evidence, documentation and action in the face of fraud will also be studied

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