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2nd Year Options

University Options

Students who hold a bachelor's degree can pursue a master's degree.

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Work/Study Option

Your second year of studies may take the form of a work/study program. You will spend one week in school and two weeks at a company. This option validates the degree requirements for professional experience.

Work/study options do not prevent you from choosing a specialization during your second semester.

Association Option

This option is available to students who are involved in a student association (option not available to students who join the program through the Passerelle 2 entrance process).

This option allows you to spend your afternoons during one semester working on a project for an association. Your work will be evaluated and integrated as part of your curriculum. To take part in this option, you have to submit an application that presents your project and missions.

Your application must demonstrate that the project and the tasks you will perform are sufficient to justify taking this option. Spots are limited and candidates are chosen on the basis of excellence, engagement and the quantity of work. Students who are in charge of an association can also earn a school certificate to validate their skills. Certificates evaluate specific skills used in the association such as managing and organizing an event, or planning a budget. These skills can be a strong point on any résumé.

Design Option

Your semester of specialization will be carried out at the Strate Ecole de Design, a school dedicated to industrial design. You will have the chance to continue this specialization in order to obtain a double degree from GEM and Strate, before coming back to GEM for your third year. Spots are limited, interested candidates must submit an application.

Expert Accountant And Financial Auditor

This option is ideal to prepare an expert accountant degree (DEC).

A DEC is required to work as an independent expert accountant as well as to become an associate within an audit firm. This degree also provides the skills required to manage the financial and administrative aspects of any company.

This option begins with pre-requisite classes during the second semester of your second year. It continues during the third year and cannot be combined with work/study options.

this option offers several advantages

  • It covers the requirements for the DCG
  • Upon graduation, it covers five of the seven requirements for an advanced accounting and management degree (DSCG).

Credits not covered by this option:

  • Unit 1: Legal, financial and social law: business law, penal law, workplace law, financial law, funding and developing businesses, litigation.
  • Unit 4: Accounting and auditing: accounting data and financial management, merger operations, accounting for corporations, in-depth accounting practices, consolidation, integration, internal control and auditing.

This option focuses on the job of expert accountant as well as all finance related jobs (everything from IT systems to law, finance and auditing). This is a demanding program that takes place during the second and third years of the Grande Ecole program.
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Global Tech Option

You will follow the English Track core curriculum. The second semester will include a specialized focus on technology and entrepreneurship.


  • Techno-entrepreneurship & commercialization
  • Design thinking for managers
  • Internationalizing the SME/international strategy
  • Legal aspects of new technology management

Spots are limited. Participants are selected on the basis of their application and experience.

English Track Option

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Trilingual Option 

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Master's In International Business (MIB)

The first year of the MIB program is based on international and intercultural management. To earn this degree in addition to your DESMA, you will have to write a memory during your third year (or during your in-company work option).

Spots are limited. Participants are selected on the basis of their application and experience. This program can be taken in Grenoble, Paris, Berlin or Singapore.

Transcontinental Track

You will spend one or two semesters abroad.

  • Your first semester of your second year can be spent at Beihang University (Beijing, China) or at University of Cambridge (UK).
  • Your second semester of your second year can be in the US or Canada for specialized classes:
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver (Canada)
    • Finance at Pace University (New York, USA)
  • Your first semester of your third year can be spent at Columbia University (New York, USA) for specialized classes on geopolitics

This program combines classes and company visits. You may choose to follow two semesters abroad in a row or do them separately.

Tech Biz Option

This option is aimed at students interested in technology companies. The program is based on a 16 week mission carried out for a company. It prepares students for jobs related to the business development of innovative tech products and services.

The Tech Biz option was developed with the support of the IRT Nanoelec.

Hospitality, Gastronomy And Luxury Option

This option takes a year and a half and is carried out in partnership with the Ecole Ferrières. It leads to a double degree.

You will begin with specialized courses during your second year. You will then spend one year at the Ecole Ferrières as part of a placement year. This will enable you to earn the Ferrières MSc degree (delivered in close collaboration with industry partners). The program also focuses on internships that will allow you to apply your knowledge and improve the attractiveness of your résumé for the job market.

3 specializations

  • Master’s of Luxury Services Management
  • Master’s of International Hotel Management
  • Master’s of Gastronomy and Event Management

All classes are taught in English.

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