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1st Year Of Study

Management Option

This is the traditional first-year option. You will follow core curriculum courses that teach the fundamentals of management as well as language classes. One of your courses will enable you to participate in the Project Management Contest.

Ulysses Option

This option builds on the core curriculum to provide fundamental management training. As part of this option, your learning experience will be based on constant immersion in life-like situations. This approach fosters personal development and active student participation. The Ulysses option has several defining characteristics:

  • A welcome seminar
  • The opportunity to discover a company and solve real problems (live business cases)
  • A continuous link between theoretical and hands on learning
  • A learning rhythm that is faster, more diverse, and includes learning experiences in English

Candidates for the Ulysses option are selected based on their profile and experience. This program offers unique learning experiences that allow you to take a step back, build on your personal strengths and take part in a social learning experience.

Engineering And Management Option

This option was created in collaboration with EISTI, an engineering school specialized in mathematics and computer science. This four year program ends with a double degree as an engineer and manager.

This option begins during the first year of the Grande Ecole program. You will spend two years at Grenoble Ecole de Management and two years at EISTI. This double degree provides students with a specialization geared towards finance and financial mathematics.

This option is open to students from HEC, ECS and science prep schools as well as students who have already earned a bachelor's in mathematics.

Students who are unsure of their choice have the option to test this double degree program for one semester before confirming their decision.

Upon completing the double degree, students are also awarded a computer science bachelor's degree from the Université de Cergy-Pontoise.

English Track Option

Students who choose the English Track will have all of their classes taught in English. The program is based on the Grande Ecole core curriculum with a special focus on international issues.

Spots are limited and candidates are selected following an application process. The English Track can be followed throughout the three year Grande Ecole program. This option validates the graduation requirements for international experience.

Trilingual Option

This option enables students to follow a curriculum that is taught 50% in English, 25% in French, and 25% in German or Spanish.

The goal of the Trilingual option is for students to be able to switch automatically from language to language while in a professional setting. To earn the “Trilingual distinction”, students must choose this option for at least three semesters (first or second year). In addition, students must try to follow up with professional or academic experience in a country that speaks one of their two non-native languages.

This option does not fulfill the graduation requirements for international experience.

Université Grenoble Alpes Option

This option enables students to follow the traditional management curriculum at Grenoble Ecole de Management while also taking classes at Université Grenoble Alpes. You will be able to study a specific field that interests you all the while learning management skills. There is a selection process for the option and successful completion leads to a bachelor’s degree. You may then continue with your master’s degree during your second year.

Possible Fields Of Study

  • Literature and Management
  • Law and Management
  • Economics and Management
  • History and Management
  • Philosophy and Management