Work experience

The course lasts between 3 and 4 years. The student can choose to spend an intermediate year between the 2nd and 3rd year in company (Long course in company). To validate the training, the student must undertake at least 12 months of internship.

They can choose among different formulas:

  Profiles Characteristics
Short internships:
End of 1st year

Level Bac+3
Between mid-May (n) and end August (n)
Minimum 6 weeks full time
The student masters the fundamentals of management (marketing, human resources, accountancy, negotiation/sales …).
Long internships:
End of 2nd year

Level Bac+4 Between May (n) and August(n) Minimum 10 weeks full time
Beginner with 1st experience
Masters the fundamentals of  management + has followed specialized lessons in a field of choice.
Gap year (PLE) (between 2nd and 3rd year)
Level Bac+4 Between May (n) and August (n+1) From 10 weeks to 6 months, full time
Long term experience
Supplementary year entirely dedicated or several experiences in company.
The student remains in school and is evaluated after this year of internship
Cooperative education program (2nd and 3rd year)
Level Bac+4 or Bac+5 Between September (n) and August (n+1) 1 School week / 2 Company weeks
Long term experience
The cooperative education course enables to entrust with a long mission. The student enriches his knowledge throughout the year.
Possibility of professionalization contracts in 2 years and apprenticeship contracts in the 3rd year.
End of study Project
Level Bac+5 Between May (n) and December (n) Between 10 weeks and 6 months full time
Equivalent young graduate
The student is able to manage complex missions, with rigor and method.
Can be a first employment internship