Students Associations

The student community and their associations are very active at Grenoble Ecole de Management. The School counts 23 associations. More than 700 events are organized each year with budgets that can reach almost 500,000 euros and event teams that can include 40, 50 or even 60 students.

Participating in student associations is almost a given for any students seeking to have a fulfilling student experience. Student associations help integrate new students, provide means to experiment with professional life and offer unique chances for life experiences.

The entrepreneurship association

A selection process during your second year of studies opens the door to spending a semester working on a project every afternoon. This opportunity is part of our differentiated learning process and is recognized and evaluated within the curriculum.

Training and counseling

Students nominated to key positions within an association (president, treasurer, head of communications, etc.) receive 15 days of training when their responsibilities begin. The goal is to train operational managers with key skills such as accounting, conflict management, coaching or responding to harassment issues. Association presidents and treasurers also benefit from the fact that they receive certification for their skills thanks to a specific 

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