The ServiCité Institute is one of the rare centres in France for teaching and research in the field of services. It covers the transformation in the economy, still deeply marked by an industrial culture, towards a service economy and “induservice” which combines the cultures of industry and services.

BNP Paribas Cardif and Orange are two long-term partners associated with the development of the Institute.

Our mission

The ServiCité Institute’s mission is to develop and promote methodological concepts and tools for the Marketing of Services - to make this a instrument for the transformation of companies, local authorities, hospitals and public administrations.

Conscious of the increasing porosity of the borders that exist between the company and public authorities, the Institute aims for open management by public authorities, combining the skills and cultures of the private and public sectors.

The sphere of our work

The Institute’s work is centred mainly around:

  • the culture of service,
  • the quality of service,
  • innovation through service,
  • the industrialisation of services,
  • the digitalisation of services,
  • the fields of management and marketing for services, applied to all organisations, both private and public.