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Current phd students

Mia birau

Mia is a PhD candidate in marketing. She has always been interested in marketing. However her interests run from Statistics applied in Marketing to Consumer Psychology. She holds a Master's Degrees in Econometrics and has obtained an MBA in Paris. Mia joined the PhD program at GEM after completing the courses of the Research Master at Tilburg University in the Netherlands.
Since a student at GEM, Mia has been involved in several projects on food consumption and obesity prevention. She is currently working on sustainability marketing, with a specific focus on food waste. Personal hobbies: skiing, hiking, skydiving.

Current supervisors: Dr. Corinne Faure and Dr. Carolina Werle
Research Team: Marketing

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Mickaël Buffart

Mickaël is a first-year PhD student in the Strategy Department. He is interested in everything about entrepreneurship, and his research areas are startups growth and international new ventures.
Before joining the PhD program, he passed a master degree of Management from l'IAE de Grenoble, and also studied International Management in the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade. Since a student at GEM, he focuses on startup development processes, especially the link with new product introduction processes in nascent organizations and growth. Beside his studies, Mickaël likes swimming, hiking and piano playing.

Current supervisor: Dr. Erno Tornikoski
Research Team: New Venture Creation and Growth


Pabitra Chatterjee

Pabitra is a PhD candidate in marketing. He holds a BS in Physics (1993) from Presidency College, Calcutta and an MBA (2011) from Grenoble Graduate School of Business.
He returns to academics after 13 years in marketing communication, where he worked in advertising, database marketing and brand consultancy, as a copywriter, planner and data analyst.
He is currently researching customer satisfaction in shared consumption and his MBA thesis was on links between changes in corporate visual identity and share prices (supervised by Dr. Jikyeong Kang from Manchester Business School). He has taught graduate courses on database marketing.

Current supervisors: Dr. Daniel Ray, Dr. Olivier Tendel and  Dr. Barthelemy Chollet
Research Team: Marketing


Dustin Harding

Dustin is a first year PhD student in marketing studying consumer behavior. His current research interest lies within Consumer Judgment and Decision Making. He received his BS in Statistics (2013) from Brigham Young University and was heavily involved in marketing research prior to his studies at GEM. Dustin is also very proud of his wife and three children and is grateful for the support that they continuously provide. 

Current supervisor : Dr. Carolina Werle
Research Team: Marketing


Bilal-Ahmed Jathol

Bilal is a first-year PhD student in the Digital Convergence group, in the BMR team and studies consequences of the digitalization of the economy on field evolution, organization and business models. Before joining the PhD program, he has worked in a FMCG as well as a Telecom company and has also worked as an entrepreneur running his online designing company. Bilal holds a BS in Computer Science from National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences and an MBA from Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan.

Current Supervisor: Dr. Charles-Clemens Rüling
Research Team: Business Model Reconfiguration


Stéphane Jaumier

Stéphane Jaumier is a PhD candidate in organization theory. His research interests include the questions of organizational pluralism, accountability and the role of criticism within organizations.
He especially studies these topics from the perspective of non-profit organizations and hybrid organizations such as worker cooperatives. His research has been published in such outlets as Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Nouvelle Revue du Travail and Comptabilité Contrôle Audit.

Current supervisors: Dr. Thibault Daudigeos and Dr. Vassili Joannidès
Research Team: Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations


Yi Jiang

Yi Jiang is a third-year PhD student at Grenoble Ecole de Management at Grenoble Ecole de Management. Her research interest is focalised on big data trend in the healthcare industry, including Smartphone applications, smart health and well-being, and emerging social networking dynamisms in healthcare. Yi is a graduate from Université Pierre-Mendes-France. She speaks fluently English, French, and Chinese. She also has 7 years prominent professional experience in international business in France.
Yi's teaching interests include international strategy and corporate finance. She has teaching experience for courses at graduate level students in Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in China, Grenoble Ecole de Management in France, and Pace University in the United States. Besides her studies, Yi is passionate about travelling and ice hockey.

Current supervisor : Dr. Vincent Mangematin
Research Team: Business Model Reconfiguration

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Emmanouela Mandalaki

Emmanouela is a first-year PhD student. She holds a Bachelor in Marketing and Communications from the Athens University of Economics and Business and a Master in International Business from the Grenoble Graduate School of Business.
Upon the completion of her Masters degree, Emmanouela gained a wide international experience through living and working in diverse organisational environments. She has worked in both profit and non-profit organisations in the area of Marketing, in Geneva and Egypt. She also recently served as a volunteer in an English teaching program, in Chile.
She decided to return back to the academia in order to study thoroughly Organisations and human behavior, a need that emerged through her exposure in the various settings she worked. Emmanouela´s current research interests are centered around the area of Organisational Behavior with a focus on factors affecting human behaviour and decision making.

Current Supervsisor: Dr. Gazi Islam
Research Team: Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations


Greg Molecke

Greg Molecke Greg is a second-year PhD student in the Strategy Department, researching business opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid. He focuses on issues surrounding energy poverty, the interactions between Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and how organizations negotiate the trade-offs they face as they encounter constraints. Greg's experiences in emerging economies led him to this field. As an undergraduate, Greg studied in Mexico, where he saw the Base of the pyramid in living color. Later, as a young professional, he helped open international call centers in India and South Africa, and again encountered the Base of the Pyramid, this time seeing first-hand the trade-offs his Fortune 50 employer made as it navigated the realities of each country. In addition to these endeavours, Greg also has over 10 years experience in project and program management at a Fortune 50 media and entertainment company, an energy company, a hospital, and a research university.
Greg holds a dual degree in English Literature and Philosophy, and an MBA from the University of New Mexico, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States. He lives in Grenoble with his amazing wife, who is the co-founder of a web design firm that focuses on helping non-profits and small businesses, and his two young daughters, who are experts in the art of unsolicited corrections of French and English accents.

Current supervisor: Dr. Jonatan Pinkse
Research Team: Energy Management


Reza Movarrei

 Reza is a PhD candidate in Marketing. His interests involve Luxury Consumption, Status Consumption, psychological effects of Money Exposure and in a broader sense, social psychological analysis of consumer decision making. He holds Industrial Engineering, a MBA in retailing and a Master of Research in Management Sciences.

Since a student in GEM, he has designed and performed several experimental research projects and has supervised 10 Master theses relating to luxury consumption. Reza also has over 10 years of experience in research management and public/private sector research outsourcing in one of the largest business administration research centers of the Middle East. 

Reza’s hobbies include Watercolor Painting, Calligraphy, Gardening and occasionally performing in IUT club.Current supervisors: Dr. Corinne Faure and Dr. Olivier Trendel

Current supervisors: Dr. Olivier Trendel and Dr. Corinne Faure
Research Team: Marketing


MARK olsthoorn

 Mark is a second-year PhD student in the Strategy Department and the Energy Management Center of Excellence. He has master's degree in Aerospace Engineering (2004) form Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. As a student, he was on the team that designed and built the solar powered race car Nuna 2, which was victorious in the World Solar Challenge 2003.
Before enrolling in the PhD program, Mark worked in sustainability consulting and research, at ADSE and IMSA Amsterdam in the Netherlands and at the University of Maryland in the US. Mark's research interests include management of energy transition, management of natural resources, and systems dynamics. Besides work, Mark likes to bike and hike the mountains around Grenoble

Current supervisor: Dr. Joachim Schleich
Research Team: Energy Management

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Vincent Pasquier

Vincent is a first-year PhD student. He graduated from Audencia Nantes and Paris Dauphine. He has been working for five years as a consultant for labor unions. His research interests include CSR and counter-power dynamics.

Current supervisor : Dr. Thibault Daudigeos
Research Team: Alternative Forms of Markets and Organizations


Ryan Rumble

Ryan is first-year PhD student within the Global Health department. He received his Bachelor's degree in Retail and Business Management at Oxford Brookes University, UK. After a year in management he then went on to complete his Master's in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Here he became valedictorian after having been awarded the Malmsten Award for Best Thesis 2013 for his study on value co-creation. His research interests include business model innovations structured towards co-creating value and empowering users, as witnessed in emergence of biometric self-tracking

Current supervisor : Dr. Vincent Mangematin
Research Team: Business Model Reconfiguration


Sanchayan Sengupta

Sanchayan is a first-year PhD student in the Marketing department. His research interests lie in the  customer relationship management area, especially in customer satisfaction and loyalty.
He has more than 10 years of professional work experience with various multinational organizations in India and abroad. His experience spans marketing, market research, relationship management, business development and consulting. Sanchayan holds a Master's degree in Management (Marketing) from University of Mumbai,India and a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Bangalore University, India.

Current supervisor: Dr. Daniel Ray
Research Team: Marketing

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Azadeh Shomali

Azadeh is a first-year PhD student in the Strategy Department. She holds a BS in Railway Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology and an MBA from Sharif School of Management and Economics.  Having participated in several strategic planning Projects of Iranian railway companies, she was persuaded to go in depth into strategy and innovation management issues. She joined the PhD program at GEM after completing the Research Master of Innovation and Technology in Grenoble National Institute of Technology. Her research interests are mainly: Energy Policy-making, Servicization, deployment of Smart grids and Renewable Energies towards a low carbon future.

Current supervisor: Dr. Jonatan Pinkse
Research Team: Energy Management

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Sebastian Schorch

Sebastian is a PhD candidate exploring organizational behavior from a relational perspective. Assuming that opportunities for improving work performance are partially conveyed through the social network around an individual, he inquires about how perceptions of these opportunities are shaped, and what factors motivate individuals to act on them.

The findings of his research help organizations to better realize the slumbering potential of their employees by implementing organizational structures that maximize the identification of opportunities and encourage their pursuit.

Current supervisor: Dr. Alexandra Gerbasi
Research Team: Social Network Research Team


George Watts

George is a PhD candidate in the Strategy Department. Originally trained in social sciences (BA) he returned from a year of humanitarian aid work in Kazakstan to complete an MBA (University of Alberta) followed by a Master of International Business (Grenoble) before working for 10 years in IT marketing and business development, consulting, and finally management education before returning to pursue his PhD.

His current focus is on innovation under extreme resource constraints, investigating how coffee producer can overcome their material and institutional deficiencies to move from commodity to high-end markets. Other projects include a review of design thinking in management, an investigation into strategic dynamics in the solar industry and work on market vs creative mind-sets.

Current supervisor : Dr. Jonatan Pinkse
Research Team: Energy Management




  • 20 Feb

    PHD Dissertation Defense

    PhD candidate Pabitra Chatterjee will defend his PhD dissertation on February 25, 2015, from 1 pm to 4 pm (room F909, Grenoble Ecole de Management).