October 2016 Nominations

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  • François Vauthier (GEM ESC 2006) will become the new finance director of the SFR Group. He is currently the chief controlling officer for the Altice Group. He will also be joining the SFR Group’s executive committee. He has occupied various management positions within the Altice Group since 2011. Before working for Altice, he worked for Ernst & Young Paris.
  • Pierre Perron (GEM ESC 1987) was named director general of Electrolux Home Products France for the Electrolux Group. He spent most of his career with the Sony group where he was part of the electronics and mobile phone divisions. He directed Sony mobile in France and created the Sony Ericsson subsidiary in France. He then directed various markets, including Belgium, Luxembourg, Latin and North Americas, and the UK. 
  • Olivier Rieu (GEM ESC 1997) was promoted to manager of the Equance Madrid office. He is in charge of developing Equance’s international private management services for French customers in Spain. He was previously based in Sweden where he worked to introduce Equance to the entire Scandinavian market.


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