Nominations december 2016

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  • Alexandra Bordes GEM ESC 2005, was nominated to the position of head of agricultural and green communications for John Deere. She joined the team in 2004 as part of the Marketing department. She later moved up the ladder to become regional manager and then product director.
  • Guillaume De Gottal, GEM ESC 2016, joined Small Cap, an investment company created in 2013 with an office in Lyon. The Lyon office now includes six professionals. Guillaume was previously trained at EY and then Capitem Partners for almost a year.
  • Guillaume Faurès GEM ESC 1995, was promoted to general manager of trucking autodistribution and as such joined the group’s executive committee. He began his career at Renault, before working with Volkswagen and then Fiat. He had been the general manager of Volvo Trucks (south east France) since 2010.
  • Alain-Régis Grail GEM ESC 2007, was promoted to cabinet director for Grant Thorton in Lyon, which specializes in auditing, accounting and consulting.
  • Franck Imbert  GEM ESC 1997, was named director of the group Cannes, which is part of Société Marseillaise de Crédit (SMC). He had worked in several positions for the Société Générale before joining the group Crédit du Nord in 2006 as head of market operations. Since 2012, he had been the sales director for Crédit du Nord in Monaco.